Three Possible Angles for the Diddy-Drake Brawl

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Three Possible Angles for the Diddy-Drake Brawl
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/ Richard Burdett | Diddy performing at the eTalk Festival Party, during the Toronto International Film Festival, eTalk Festival Party, 5 September 2008.

Over the weekend, a number of celebrities and artists gathered in Miami to unwind. For some, the weekend was spent to celebrate the birthday of DJ Khaled at prestigious club LIV at the Fontainebleau Hotel.  Unfortunately, things turned sour for some guests when a fight broke outside the club on Sunday night.

According to reports, the two celebrities that were involved in the brawl outside the club were P. Diddy and Drake; both of which were guests for the birthday party of DJ Khaled. Just a few hours after the altercation between the two, the internet broke abuzz with speculations and gossip about this recent scuffle.

Based on reports from Page Six, the altercation began when Diddy confronted Drake about music copyright. Allegedly, the 45-year-old spokesman for Ciroc approached the 28-year-old singer to confront him about using music without obtaining proper rights.

Others speculate that the fight between the two artists may have originated from the rude comments made by Drake to the fellow singer Cassie, who is currently the girlfriend of Diddy.

The Daily News earlier reported that the brawl occurred around 4:00 am. After the altercation, Diddy was believed to have reentered the club while Drake left for the hospital. Bullet Magazine’s editor Ray LeMoine, who was at the event earlier, had received a number of text messages about the fight. According to the editor, “Drake definitely got the s**t kicked out of him. I heard they were taking him to the hospital.”

Another witness of the event, DJ Sam Sneaker live,tweeted information about the young singer’s status in the hospital. Among his tweets were: “It definitely wasn’t bout Cassie” and “Drake at the Hospital Smh.”

Based on Rick Ross’ DJ, Drake dislocated his shoulder and requested his fans to pray for the singer.

While the second speculation may be considered out of the picture, a third and more probable reason for the brawl has also been argued. According to reports, the fight between the two respected artists may have stemmed from residual anger after the NBA All-Star weekend held at the Metropolitan Club in New Orleans. While performing at the event with Busta Rhymes, Fabolous, Kevin Hart and Nelly, Drake was believed to have disrespected Diddy by taking his microphone from his hand.  After discovering that his mic was defective during his “Worst Behavior” song, the rapper threw it on the floor and took Diddy’s mic out of his hand. This forced Diddy to pick up the broken mic and use it.

As of this writing, no comments have been made from the representatives of Drake and the club where the altercation occurred. Meanwhile, Diddy’s rep could not be reached for comments.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Richard Burdett




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