Three things to note in the New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Teaser

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Three things to note in the New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Teaser

You know you have already seen the trailer and as much as we want to say that the teaser trailer looks good, we can’t help but notice so many things that really don’t look Star Trekky. Here are three things to note in the recently released “Star Trek Beyond” teaser.


  1. 1. Cinema Blend reported that the teaser is filled with adrenaline as the crew members meet with an accident and are stranded in an enemy territory. Personally speaking, it has Justin Lin’s “Fast and Furious” franchise written all over it. Since it has so many action scenes and stunts included in it, it does not really give you a “Star Trek” feeling. It instead comes across as if “Fast and Furious” was shot again but in space.
  2. 2. You see Chris Pine’s James Kirk having a motorcycle stunt out of nowhere. He can also be seen with a native warrior who only reminds you of Gamora from “Guardians of the Galaxy.” If they had to use a character like that, Zoe Saldana would surely have played the part. Simon Pegg too gets his shot at a life-threatening scene where he escapes the pod just on time. Overall their mission looks more like a Galactic battle, the only thing missing here is Superhero uniform.
  3. 3. Finally, we also get a first look at the major villain of the movie played by Idris Elba. He looks like just another villainous Alien who has the ambition to finish the team and maybe later take over the World or become the ruler of the Galaxy. Instead of this if they would use Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan, this third installment would still make some sense.


Until now all we can see is that the movie is looking more like “Fast and Furious” meets “Guardians of the Galaxy,” with the characters fighting against a formidable enemy and eventually doing something heroic to emerge victorious.

The Guardian added that it is a bit hard to put together what is going on in the story as the media outlet points out that JJ Abrams’ influence as a Producer could be the reason for it. We will have to wait and see what really is going on in “Star Trek Beyond” when it releases on July 22nd next year.

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