‘The Throne’ (‘Sado’) Co-Stars Yoo Ah In and Moon Geun Young Dish on What They Thought of Their Co-Stars and So Ji Sub

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘The Throne’ (‘Sado’) Co-Stars Yoo Ah In and Moon Geun Young Dish on What They Thought of Their Co-Stars and So Ji Sub
Yoo Ah In. June 28, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/LGEPR (LG Electronic’s flickr account/Uploaded by Puramyun31

When it comes to looking for inspiration for stories, oftentimes, more often than not, one doesn’t need to look farther that one’s own shores, as every country is rooted in a rich heritage of history, culture and mythology from which screenwriters and writers can draw stories from. Such is the case of the upcoming Korean film, “The Throne” or “Sado,” which stars several popular actors, such as Yoo Ah In, who spoke in praise of the film and his co-stars in a recent interview; and Moon Geun Young, who also recently revealed her thoughts on having So Ji Sub as a son.  Read on to learn more about “The Throne” or “Sado” ; and as to what Yoo Ah In thinks of his co-stars; and as to what Moon Geun Young thought of having So Ji Sub as a son.

“The Throne” or “Sado,” which is slated to premiere in South Korean movie theaters on Sept. 16, 2015. According to Soompi and All K Pop, is a historical film which tells the story of the tragic Crown Prince Sado, who will be portrayed by Yoo Ah In. He was declared mentally unfit to rule and was killed by his father, King Yeongjo, who will be portrayed by Song Kang-Ho, by imprisoning him inside a rice chest for several days.

The movie, according to Soompi, will also try to highlight how Sado just wanted to be a good son to his father, and will showcase the actor’s talent, as he takes on this challenging role.

However, despite all that, Yoo Ah In, according to Soompi and All K Pop had nothing but praise for his two co-stars, Moon Geun Young, who portrays his wife, Lady Hye Yeon, and for So Ji Sub, who will portray King Jeongjo, their son as an adult.

According to All K Pop, Yoo Ah In said that Moon Geun Young was a wonderful and energetic actress, who often talked to him about the film they were doing together. He also mentioned that she was pretty and that she was very passionate and dedicated to her work.

With regards to So Ji Sub, who is portraying his on screen son, according to Soompi, Yoo Ah In stated that he was very impressed with him and mentioned that So Ji Sub’s King Jeongjo seemed like a better son compared to his Sado.

However, actress Moon Geun Young, according to Soompi, had a different reaction with regards to the older So Ji Sub acting as her son.

In a recent interview with KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly”, while promoting the film with her co-stars, she revealed that she couldn’t believe that So Ji Sub, who is her senior, will be her son, and said that she had hoped, that her first project with him would be as his romantic interest.

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And that was all on how Yoo Ah In thought of his “The Throne” or “Sado” co-stars, Moon Geun Young and So Ji Sub; and how Moon Geun Young reacted to learning that So Ji Sub would be portraying her son. For more entertainment news and updates and for more updates on your favorite celebrities in Hollywood and in Asia, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

“The Throne” or “Sado” is slated to premiere on Sept. 16, 2015, in South Korean cinemas.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/LGEPR (LG Electronic’s Flickr account/Uploaded by Puramyun31


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