Tickets for “The Dark Knight Rises” Already Sold

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The release date for “The Dark Knight Rises”, till now, has been set to 20th July 2012 only. And guess what-the tickets for the premiere night of the movie have already been sold out. Yes, you heard it right.

Even though its more than 7 months when “The Dark Knight Rises” releases but various IMAX theaters have already put its premiere night’s tickets on sale. And it didn’t come as a surprise to anyone as such when they heard about the tickets being completely sold out at some venues. Its purely your luck if you can still get a ticket for the opening night of the movie now. Also, you gotta be in the US to grab one if you get one.

However, only a few theaters in the US have put the tickets on sale. The authority of selling its tickets in advance is most probably with Metron 16 in San Francisco, CA, Square 13 in NY and CityWalk Stadium 19 in LA. Rumors have it that the tickets went on sale after the release of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. To be exact, they were put on sale in the month of December on various websites of the US. To recall, when the previous part of the movie was released, numerous fans said that they had to wait for at least an hour for their turn to come to buy the movie’s tickets. Thus, just quoting that “The Dark Knight Rises” is hyped would probably be regarded as an understatement. After all, the movie was the second highest highest gross-profit making movie of all time in 2008.

To talk about the movie,the music of TDKR has been given by Hans Zimmer and the star-cast includes Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Cotillard, Anne Hathaway, Morgan freeman and Joseph Gorden-Levitt. The movie needs no publicity and is already so much in talk. Imagine the response of the audience when the movie would be actually released. What’s actually startling is the fact that even great movies like “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” haven’t managed to sell their opening night’s tickets so well in advance. Now, this is surely gonna set a trend for the coming movies. Don’t you think so? No doubt, the weekend when TDKR releases, that’s gonna be the most lucrative weekend in Hollywood’s history. This requires no more evidences.


It can be said that all this is because of the huge fan following of Chris Nolan and Christian Bale. It is being said that TDKR would be the last movie in the Batman series. Well, that surely increases the audience’s expectations from the movie; excitement at its peak. And after all, for which other movie would you see theaters putting up tickets for sale 7 months in advance and the fans buying them as well?

The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises

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