Tiffany of Girls’ Generation might come up with solo album in 2016

By Ruma Saha | 2 years ago
Tiffany of Girls’ Generation might come up with solo album in 2016
Photo of Tiffany of TTS pop band.

Tiffany a member of “Girl’s Generation” might have a solo album in 2016.

A  report published by KMusic, says that the rumour is in the air, that  SM Entertainment, which owns the band “Girls’ Generation,”  has given hint of this upcoming debut album of Tiffany in 2016.

Stephanie Young Hwang  is professionally named Tiffany Hwang. She is a singer who is by birth an American. She  is also into acting and is currently based in South Korea. She is the member of  South Korean pop music band “Girls’ Generation” and its subgroup “Taetiseo” (TTS).  This band has been formed by SM Entertainment in the year 2007.

TTS was formed on the year 2012. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun are the members of “Taetiseo”.  “Twinkle” was their first mini album, which was released in 2012. The sub group “Taetiseo” released their second album “Holler” in the year 2014. In this album, Tiffany played an important role by serving as visual director of the album. While serving as visual director,  she introduced the concept of title track’s music video.

In her musical career, Tiffany has playback release for several television drama and films. A  few of these playbacks are her solo, but most of them are sung in collaboration of her band group members and other singers.

According to a report published by KMusic, SM Entertainment didn’t clarify the validity of the rumour of Tiffany’s upcoming debut in 2016 . But Tiffany was found to be going to recording studio in these days. In an interview the spokesperson of SM Entertainment says that they havenot yet decided anything of Tiffany’s solo album release in 2016. He rather stick to the point that Tiffany has to focus on the promotion of “Dear Santa,” which has just released. This is considered as TTS’s comeback album. So Tiffany is engaged in its promotional with TaeYeon and Seohyun.


Photo Source: Wikimedia commons/Tiffany Hwang

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