Tiger Woods Sex Addiction Causes The End Of His Relationship With Lindsay Vonn

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Tiger Woods Sex Addiction Causes The End Of His Relationship With Lindsay Vonn
Tiger Woods alleged sex addiction ended relationship with Lindsay Vonn.

Tiger Woods revealed the reason behind ending his relationship with Olympic skier Lindsay Vonn. He said that the split happened because both of them have extremely hectic schedules. He posted the statement over a week ago on his Facebook account saying that they spend most of their time away from each other because of work.

However, a report from Mail Online suggested otherwise, after a friend revealed the real score behind the breakup. The friend said that Lindsay Vonn caught Tiger Woods cheating on her with another woman who was unnamed by the source. However, the source said Tiger had a setback on the sex department.

Lindsay had found out that Tiger got involved with women every time he was on the road. This was a similar situation with Tiger’s ex-wife Elin who also caught the golfer cheat on her. The friend also revealed that Tiger had a one night stand in Southern California, which led to elimination during the Farmer’s Insurance Classic in San Diego held last February.

The friend continued saying that when Tiger Woods was spotted with a woman, he confessed the matter to Lindsay because he wanted her to be the “one”. This made the cheating entirely different from what he did with Elin because he didn’t admit to it, the friend added. The friend also said that Tiger thought he didn’t cheat because there was no romance and just had sex to relieve himself from stress.

Mail Online also said that a former Hollywood madame named Michelle Braun revealed Tiger Woods paying US$40,000 for six women between 2006 and 2007 for sex dates.

Despite pleas from friends and relatives to continue on his therapy session, Tiger Woods didn’t heed the call and therefore made a one-time slip. Nevertheless, this “slip” is enough for Lindsay Vonn to call it quits and start packing showing that she has self-respect and like Elin, she too values herself more than anything else.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Tiger Woods

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