Tim Burton to Consider Beetlejuice 2

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Here is a good news for all those whiled the original Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice 2 is most probably going to be made. Those who are hardcore Tim Burton fans know it very well how goofy the original part was. In fact, some even said it was a totally different Burton that made such a zany movie. But whatever critics may say, it was indeed awesome and had a unique concept. And if Beetlejuice’s original version was so awesome, the expectations from its second part are even more. We just hope the movie lives up to the expectations, or else it would be a big disappointment for all Tim fans.

Doesn’t matter even if a decade has passed when the movie was released, it is still watched by many and has quite a cult following even today. Probably, that is the reason why Hollywood wants another Beetlejuice. It will be quite interesting to see what twists and turns do they actually bring in the second part by modifying the story according to technological wonderland of today.

Recently, Burton was interviewed and asked about making a sequel of Beetlejuice. Keep reading to see what he said.

He quoted that he love the character of Michael Keaton in the movie and rates that character as fun-loving and great. He added that in a talk with Seth Grahame-Smith, he said that if there is an idea in Smith’s mind, he shall go for it and he would see to it with a fresh look. He further quoted that he tried a few different things in the past but its been quite a long now. Though, he was seeming to be quite excited to make Beetlejuice’s sequel. And he ended the interview by mentioning about Michael again that how great he is in the movie.

It seems like “Michael” has to do it again for Tim and for Beetlejuice 2. But the question is, will he accept the offer of playing yet again in the movie? What if he declines? There has to be a Plan B. If not him ,then who else could play his role the best?

But, if we look around, there is an alternative. Its Ryan Reynolds. This role would be just perfect for an actor like him and to stretch his skills, don’t you think so? On a serious note, we say this mainly because of his tall height and because of his ability to look hot even in the ugliest of make-ups.

All this seems to be an exciting process. And we love to keep this guessing game going. Okay, just one final question: Who else do you see step into the shoes of Michael for the movie?

Tim Burton to Consider Beetlejuice 2
Tim Burton to Consider Beetlejuice 2

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