What Does Tim Cook Have To Say About ‘Steve Jobs’?

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
What Does Tim Cook Have To Say About ‘Steve Jobs’?
Steve Jobs

Thursday evening, the second official trailer of most awaited biopic, “Steve Jobs” was released on the Internet. The trailer is more captivating than the first teaser of the film.  Read more to know what the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has to say about the film.

The teaser shows Steve Jobs as an impassive and aggressive leader. But according to close friend and CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, the filmmakers have portrayed Steve as the opposite of what he actually was.

The revelation was made on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, where Cook also said that the film is “opportunistic”. Talking to the host Stephen Colbert, the CEO said, “Jobs was an amazing human being and each one of us loved to work for him. He was far- sighted and not just wanted an evolution but a revolution. I miss him every day.” Opening on his declaration of being a gay, Cook said that it was his moral responsibility to set an example that success does not ask who you are.

“A man who always insulted the people under him and rejected their ideas to later tell them as his own” quotes The Hollywood Reporter reviewing “Steve Jobs”.

Steve Wozniak who acted as a consultant in the movie says that he was shocked to see the work of professionals in the film. He always counted the idea that came out of people’s minds while making the film and not the story. “The directors and writers have done a tremendous job in making the movie and so has the star cast,” he said while talking to BBC.

The movie is written by Aaron Sorkin known for his work in “The Social Network” and directed by Oscar winner, Danny Boyle. “Steve Jobs” will release on October 9 this year in Los Angeles and New York, while hit the worldwide theatres on October 23.

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