Tina Fey to Take Part in a Disney Witch Movie

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Tina Fey to Take Part in a Disney Witch Movie

There are rumors, and then there are rumors that come with details that are half true.  Tina Fey, star of “30 Rock,” is in the planning phase with Disney in the creation of a witch movie, but it is not as the spreading rumors are giving out. Apparently, the supposed sequel for the 1993 film “Hocus Pocus” is all talk. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

A lot of rumors are going around the media with regards to the creation of a sequel of “Hocus Pocus.” The 1993 Disney movie seemed to have gained popularity because of the way it somehow instigated the creation of a cult, and part of the rumors of the latest development of the film claimed Tina Fey to be producing and starring in the said movie. However, this is all just a plain misinterpretation of information.

According to Deadline, there is indeed a Disney supernatural-themed movie which is currently in an early development with Fey. However, it is not about an upcoming sequel of “Hocus Pocus” that’s being wrongly spread all over town.

Nonetheless, Fey is indeed involved in the creation of a family friendly film that is centered on witches.  For now, the film is only known as “Untitled Witch Project,” which will be produced by the well-known comedienne and Allison Shearmur. The report claims that the movie will be falling in the vein of the classic horror comedy flick, “Ghostbusters.”

Fanatics of the ‘90s “Hocus Pocus” will not be pleased to know about the movies’ latest update.  Looking back, the movie was after all included in the first attempts of Disney in creating a horror film with the right amount of humor and virtue altogether. It was shown at the time when they were branching out on new genres that can also be marketable to the kids.

Nothing is really set in stone yet for the supernatural-themed comedy film, but things are looking great for the 44-year-old actress. Based on a feature of The Wrap, Fey has been focusing on her latest movie career.  She is currently filming a movie under Universal Pictures entitled “The Nest,” together with her good friend, Amy Poehler. She is also starring alongside Jason Bateman in another comedy movie, “This Is Where I Leave You.”

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