Todd McFarlane Says New Spawn Reboot will Have “No Supervillains”

By admin | 8 years ago
Todd McFarlane Says New Spawn Reboot will Have “No Supervillains”

Todd McFarlane Talks More Spawn Reboot


Comic book maestro Todd McFarlane says the upcoming Spawn movie will be a low-budget take on his superhero creation Spawn. McFarlane, who is writing and directing the film, told MY DVD Insider that there is only one way to get a studio to sign off on the project: make it cheap.

“There’s only one way a studio is going to say yes, that’s if it’s a low-budget movie,” says McFarlane. “To be honest, as a producer, even I wouldn’t hire myself to direct a big-budget film.”

McFarlane revealed late last year that he intends to direct, write and producer the upcoming Spawn movie.

“There are smarter people out there,” McFarlane went on to say. “But if you’re making it for $10 million to $12 million, you’re just going to go get some schmuck director so let me be the schmuck.”

So what makes the new Spawn reboot different from the 1997 film?

“In this new version, there are no supervillains, archenemies or any of that,” McFarlane noted. “It’s just a spook movie, something scary going bump in the night. I think I can shoot that for almost next to nothing.”

Spawn starred Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite), John Leguizamo and Martin Sheen. Budgeted at $40 million, the film went on to make $79.8 million worldwide.

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