Todrick Hall’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ Parody: ‘Hocus Broke-us’ Is Perfect For Halloween Spirit [WATCH VIDEO]

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Todrick Hall’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ Parody: ‘Hocus Broke-us’ Is Perfect For Halloween Spirit [WATCH VIDEO]
Todrick Hall’s Hocus Broke-us

Todrick Hall has given an incredible parody that is based on the film “Hocus Pocus.” It seems to be the perfect option for getting into the Halloween spirit. Read on.

According to E! News, Hall’s parody featuring the all-time favorite Halloween film “Hocus Pocus” is titled as “Hocus Broke-us.” The 4-minute video features a bit of a modern twist to the original film. In the video, Hall, Shanna Malcolm, and Simone Shepherd play as the Sanderson Sisters. They take up the roles played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy in the original film “Hocus Pocus.”

In addition to the modern twist, there is much more thing to enjoy in this video. Something like “Straight Outta Compton reference, a hoverboard,” and “a remix of “I Put a Spell on You”” would definitely impress the fans.

The comic parody “Hocus Broke-us” could be imagined as a trailer for a sequel to Kenny Ortega’s 1993 film “Hocus Pocus,” reported Towle Road. Indeed, Hall’s video is going to delight the fans of the former “American Idol” finalist as well as the fans of the Sanderson sisters and “Hocus Pocus.”

“After 22 years on their underworld tour, the Sanderson sisters are black–I mean, they’re back.” This is how Hall’s “Hocus Broke-us” video begins.

Hall became popular when he auditioned for the ninth season of the TV show, based on Wikipedia entry. The former “American Idol” finalist has been making his performance on Broadway and YouTube, after that. The singer/ actor is famous for his amusing videos such as “Cinderonce” and the Disney-90s mashup.

Hall’s latest comic parody includes the famous moments and characters of the original film and updates the story of the three favorite witches amazingly with a twist. Watch Hall’s “Hocus Broke-us” video given below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Todrick Hall’s ‘Hocus Broke-us’

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