Togetherness Recap: Ghost In Chains

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Togetherness Recap: Ghost In Chains
Actor, writer and film producer Mark Duplass at “Humpday” premiere, 2009.

Togetherness” Season 1 Episode 6 “Ghost In Chains” aired on Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015 at 9:30 p.m. on HBO. Brett encounters a woman in the woods. Tina tries make peace with Alex. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

Brett (Mark Duplass) is walking in the woods to gather more sounds for his work, when he spots a hand covered under a pile of leaves. Is it a dead body? But a woman suddenly talks and asks for his help. She’s not trapped under the leaves, but she did this to “connect with her death.” The woman is Linda (guest star Mary Steenburgen) and she senses something about Brett. She follows him as he walks back and he’s starting to get annoyed. He asks for privacy so that he could proceed with work. Linda tells him he’s like a ghost in chains, or rather, his aura is.

Linda approaches to hold him and performs a chant, saying that he’s a free spirit. Did he feel better? He lies and says yes, and Linda senses this too, so she asks why he’s lying. Brett replies that she is freaking him out. Is he supposed to just say and do stuff with strangers? Linda challenges him — why not? It’s a weird encounter that has Linda reiterating he’s a ghost in chains and he’s not happy with his life. She invites Brett to a full moon walk that night but he has work, so he turns her down. They parted cordially.

At Larry’s (Peter Gallagher) house, Tina (Amanda Peet) is showing off her half-naked body to her boyfriend. It was until he gets interrupted by a call about work. At the park, Alex (Steve Zissis) is doing some serious workout. Tina calls him up to ask him if he can work for her as a clown at this party she’s organizing. Alex says no and Tina thinks that this is because of that awkward moment they had last time (in the episode “Kick the Can” air date: Feb. 16, 2015), where Alex kissed her. He’s been super weird lately since then. Alex tells his friend that he doesn’t like it when she calls only when she needs something from him. That’s why he’s super weird.

Tina talks to her sister Michelle (Melanie Lynskey) about this, and Michelle sides with Alex. He got embarrassed when he tried to kiss her, what did Tina expect? Michelle advises her to treat the people in her lives better.

Meanwhile, Michelle gets a text from David. He’s a friend Tina thinks she’s flirting with. She goes to this abandoned building to meet with him. David and his group will use the building to open a school for the community. Is she interested in helping out?

They are hot and sweaty from the lifting and pushing of chairs and doors at the abandoned building. The sexual tension is evident. While they take a break, they talk about going to Sacramento to get permits and funding for the school. It’s going to be a road trip!

Alex is back at the house and finds Tina sleeping on the couch. She wakes up and tells him the good news — he’s going to get a part in Larry’s new movie! Alex is thrilled and Tina is happy her friend is happy. Only, he has to go to the casting agent for a test. But the part is already his, Tina assures him.

When Alex gets to the casting place, he’s handed a script. He saw that the role calls for a “chubby” character. He’s offended. Tina insisted he should workout so he gets better roles, and this is what he gets? He and Tina argue. She stuck his neck out for him and this is what she gets? Nevertheless, he goes to the audition. He tells the casting people he’s reading for a different role.

Meanwhile, Brett and his co-workers are waiting on a client. He arrives rather late and Brett wonders if he’ll ever get to eat dinner. He’s very hungry and tired, having worked 15 hours straight. He rants to everyone inside the sound studio that he’s a ghost in chains. Then, he storms off and their client just laughs at him.

Back at the audition, Tina overhears Alex freaking out and shouting at the casting people. He steps out and tells her that whatever she’s doing, it’s over between them.

It’s late at night and Brett walks back to the woods with a burrito in his hand. He sees Linda and he follows her. She leads him to a hole, but he refuses to get in. Nope, he’s not going to take orders from her too. He’s tired of people bossing him around. He loses it. Linda just listens to him and calmly says she will hold his burrito. He gets in the hole, whereby Linda covers him with leaves.

There you have it for the recap of “Togetherness” Season 1 Episode 6 “Ghost In Chains” which aired on Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015 at 9:30 p.m. on HBO. For more about this series, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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