‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Plot: Release Date After ‘Tokyo Ghoul: Jack?’ [SPOILERS]

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Plot: Release Date After ‘Tokyo Ghoul: Jack?’ [SPOILERS]

“Tokyo Ghoul” Season 3 is probably the most anticipated anime series by Studio Pierrot which airs on Tokyo MX. “Tokyo Ghoul” series became instant hit, following the story of Ken Kaneki, a college student, who turns into a Ghoul. Ghoul are terrifying monsters who live on human flesh.

“Tokyo Ghoul” Season 2 Summary:

Ken Kaneki survives the attack but becomes half-human and half-Ghoul. In the start of second season of “Tokyo Ghoul,” Ken joins Aogiri Organization to protect those who are close to him in Anteiku. This action by Ken Kaneki raised many eyebrows but he is our hero. Since, he has no family, he determines to save Anteiku.

“Tokyo Ghoul” Season 2 left a surprising end with Hide’s death. Touka comes to know about it and after the credit it was shown that Touka opens up a cafe named ‘re.’ This is next season’s title, “Tokyo Ghoul: re”. But there had been no official release date. Many are speculating it to be cancelled as a prequel is coming, “Tokyo Ghoul: Jack.”

“Tokyo Ghoul: Jack” Release Date:

“Tokyo Ghoul: Jack” follows story of Kishō Arima and Taishi Fura, who joins CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul). CCG takes care of all the crimes even related to ghouls. “Tokyo Ghoul: Jack” release date is September 30, 2015. Whereas, “Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto” will be releasing on Christmas, December 25, 2015.

“Tokyo Ghoul: re” [Season 3] Plot:


The series had been so famous that Madmen Entertainment obtained its digital distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand. It would be wise to release a third season “Tokyo Ghoul: re” soon. “Tokyo Ghoul: re” follows story of our hero, half-human and half-Ghoul, Ken Kaneki who is now learning to be under a new identity of Haise Sasaki.

Ken has lost his memory and hence, adapted the new identity. Haise Sasaki is a leader of “Quinx Squad,” a special team under CCG. The whole of “Quinx Squad” fight against Ghouls and get to live as humans. All of them went under same treatment as Ken Kaneki.

When-will.net predicts “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3 to be released in 2016.

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