Tom Brady Nixed Divorce Rumors; Says He And Gisele Bundchen Are Very Much in Love

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago

Tom Brady nixed the rumor doing rounds that all is not well on his marital front. He told the press that everything is alright between him and Gisele Bundchen. He even claimed that their marriage is in a great place right now.

Last month, US Weekly had published the rumor that Tom Brady was splitting with Gisele Bundchen. It had reported that the Brady and Bundchen marriage was only a front and the couple were heading towards a nasty split. It was rumored that Gisele Bunchen had threatened to divorce Brady after the infamous Deflategate scandal that took the NFL by storm last spring.

Tom Brady, who is the New England Patriots Quarterback, was also drawn into the scandal. The charges didn’t lead to anything and the court subsequently decided in favor of letting him play with his team. But initially, Brady reacted very emotionally to the news and was quite upset for his career. Gisele Bundchen had to put up with all his mood swings and the family went through a very troubling time.

Thankfully, the hurt finally passed away and the couple struck it out in the face of trouble. Gisele may have broken down a couple of times, but, all in all, was very supportive of her husband. She even accompanied her husband to the court when he was embroiled in the Deflategate scandal. Gisele kept sending out her love to him and it saw him through the most difficult part of it.

Tom Brady went on record on the Dennis and Callahan show on the radio that he was blessed to have Bundchen for wife and they have an incredible relationship with each other. He declared that nothing would get in the way of that ever.

Well, it looks like this is one marriage that is going to last forever. So much for the rumors!

US Weekly reported the news first.

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Photo Source: Facebook / Gisele Bundchen

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