Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt Re-unite in the racing drama ‘Go like hell’

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Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt haven’t been seen together on screen in a movie side by side ever since their very successful movie, ‘Interview with the Vampire’ which came out in 1994.

It’s been a little less than 20 years since the two actors shared the screen and now both of them are being re-united in Joseph Kosinski’s racing drama, ‘Go like hell’. Kosinski has also recently worked with Cruise in the movie ‘Oblivion’.

In the movie, Cruise is set to play the role of and American car designer, Carroll Shelby. Moving on to the role of Brad Pitt, it is not entirely sure of whom Pitt will be playing in the movie but he was set to star in the film during its earlier incarnation.

Go Like Hell portrays a racing spar between the American company, Ford and the Italian Ferrari which takes place in 1966 at the Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race at which the American team won for the first time ever!

Brad Pitt also recently turned 50 and even though he didn’t seem to throw a ball at his big 5-O, the AARP Magazine still managed to do a little bit of celebrating for him. He was put on the cover of the AARP magazine (which he is now old enough to be a part of). You can check out the rest of the details of Brad’s 50th birthday right here.
Source: TheGuardian

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