Tom Cruise Leaves Scientology For Daughter Suri And Katie Holmes?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Tom Cruise Leaves Scientology For Daughter Suri And Katie Holmes?

Tom Cruise has been associated with the Church of Scientology for many years. Many believe that his involvement with the Church is more of Church controlling him and making his decisions for him. Apparently, the “Mission Impossible” actor is done with the Church telling him what he can or can’t do when it comes to his 9-year-old daughter Suri.

According to Hollywood Life, Cruise allegedly plans to break free from scientology so that he can watch Suri grow up in peace. Hollywood Life reported that the reason why Tom is doing all this because he wants to do it for his daughter. Apparently after a phone call with Suri, he realized that he has been missing out all the wonderful milestones his daughter has been going through. He thinks that cutting all the ties with the Church would be a way for him to enter his daughter’s life again and be a bigger part of it.

A report suggested that when Tom was talking to Suri, she kept on talking about how she loved doing ballet and how much she has been loving it for the past some time. It was then when Tom realized that he has never really seen Suri performing a ballet before and he just missed that. In fact the reports also suggested that since the Church has asked him to stay away from his own daughter Suri and ex-wife Katie Holmes, the only time he gets to spend with her is when they talk via video chat and phone calls instead of spending actual time together and bonding over father-daughter activities.

The Church of Scientology anyways has expressed their concerns that their most famous member is raising his daughter outside of the organization. There is one thing that should be noted that it completely is his choice as a father to decide where will his daughter grow up or what religious affiliations she will have.

Seems like finally Tom has decided to put the welfare of his own daughter before his beliefs. What is unfortunate to know that he has been missing Suri’s birthday parties, celebrations, school events and most importantly her childhood moments. She is not a child anymore and is aware that he is not around her much, which is reportedly causing a gap between them. If he finally decides to leave the Church, it will be seen if he is able to mend this alleged gap between him and his daughter.

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