Tom Hardy To Star In Sony’s Venom Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Tom Hardy To Star In Sony’s Venom Movie
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Tom Hardy has played some really good characters till now and his latest one is as good as others. A recent update has confirmed that The Dark Knight Rises star will be seen in Sony’s Venom in the lead role.

The movie, which has been discussed for a while will be a unique take on the character who happens to have a deep history in the comic books.

Tom Hardy as Venom

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Hardy has been confirmed to appear as Eddie Brock/Venom in Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff titled Venom. Going by the title, the movie will be focusing on the Marvel supervillain, who has also been known as an anti-hero.

Venom has been an adversary of Spider-Man and has often clashed with him. However, with this movie, Sony will delve more into the Spider-Man verse and bring characters from it to the silver screen.

Hardy was confirmed just recently after reports stated that he will be taking over Topher Grace, who played the role in  Spider-Man 3.

Team behind the movie

The outlet reported that Amy Pascal, Avi Arad, and Matt Tolmach would produce the movie with Ruben Fleischer directing it. Fleischer is known for directing movies like Zombieland.

The outlet also reported that Sony does not intend to waste any time with the movie as they have already set a release date for it.

Sony’s Spider-Man universe

It should be noted that Venom is in Sony’s Spider-Man cinematic universe. As speculated earlier, it is not a part of MCU. Sony is developing its own cinematic universe and this is a step in that direction.

The studio is also developing movies on other Spider-Man characters. Silver Sable and Black Cat are the other characters that are movies in this universe. With this universe different from the MCU, fans should not expect Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to show up.

Holland’s Spider-Man is a part of MCU but that is because of the deal that Marvel and Sony struck a while back. Sony’s universe, however, will be focusing on characters that had a history with the web slinger.

Hardy’s superhero experience

Hardy has little experience in the superhero genre. Before being confirmed for Venom, he appeared in The Dark Knight Rises as DC supervillain called Bane.

That role still considered one of his best roles till date. The amount of dedication he put to play that role is what made him popular amongst fans. Now with him jumping over to play a Marvel character, he will surely get the nuances of the character right.

Ever since it was announced, fans have expressed pleasure and excitement over the casting of Hardy.


An official plot has not been released yet. But the movie will focus on Eddie Brock and how he became one of the most powerful supervillains. In the comics, Brock works as a freelance photographer who is determined to get pictures of Spider-Man and thereby threatening Peter Parker’s job as Spider-Man’s photographer.

Brock eventually comes in contact with an alien symbiote that needs a host to survive. In return, this symbiote gives Brock powers that are beyond his control and end up turning him into the deadly supervillain called Venom.

As Venom, Brock gets abilities similar to Spider-Man but it also makes him more powerful and mentally unstable. He has managed to unmask Spider-Man and almost exposed his identity in public.

He has also been a part of the supervillain group called the Sinister Six and has gone up against Spider-Man.

Release date

Venom is scheduled to release on Oct. 5 next year.


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