Tom Hiddleston Makes Some Unexpected Comments On Benedict Cumberbatch

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Tom Hiddleston Makes Some Unexpected Comments On Benedict Cumberbatch

Well, British actors are known for their genial attitude and again we hear the same graceful words from a skillful actor of this clan. We are talking about Tom Hiddleston whose recent words amazingly call for admiration as the 34-year-old debonair artiste exhibited an adorable feeling towards another suave actor Benedict Cumberbatch. rather portraying any dark image of rivalry.

He has an envious acting resume in the Hollywood canvas and now is ready with another upcoming release “Crimson Peak”, a directorial venture by Guillermo del Toro that utters a narration of an aspiring author who is torn between love for her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider In the aftermath of a family tragedy.


Turning eyes to the main point we must unveil that Hiddleston is playing a pivotal character in this movie that also features Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain. The actor of “Loki” fame from the Marvel Cinematic Universe gives the media outlets a headline to cherish for as he commented about his contemporary sensation Benedict “Sherlock Holmes” while promoting the upcoming feature.

Tom rarely appears in live interviews and now, when he made an appearance, he got us quite astonished with his composed answers. The “Thor” actor pretty comfortably handled all the turns and twists with co-star Wasikowska, as they appeared on “The Today Show”. Now the moderator Melena Ryzik tried to puzzle him with a provocative question that summarizes what would happen if he is in a fight with Cumberbatch.

Tom’s reply was something of a reflection of refined and courteous mind and the haters (if there is any of that strangest species) can’t deny the fact. Tom said that there won’t be any kind of fighting at all and he will love to tie the knot of amiable relation with the strings of passion and for Cumberbatch he does not possess a belligerent mood rather on the contrary, only inspires love.

Photo Source: Facebook/Tom Hiddleston

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