Tom Hiddleston talks ‘Crimson Peak’ and Reveals What Loki’s been upto since ‘Thor: The Dark World’

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Tom Hiddleston talks ‘Crimson Peak’ and Reveals What Loki’s been upto since ‘Thor: The Dark World’

There was a time when there was only one personality you could connect Tom Hiddleston to and that was the God of Mischief, Loki. His portrayal of the character made him an international star and garnered applause from everywhere. Then Tom decided to do something different and with the promos of the upcoming film “Crimson Peak” that we have seen, he surely nails his portrayal as Sir Thomas Sharpe. Recently he got down to talk about his soon to release movie “Crimson Peak” and what does the future hold for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) Loki. Read on for more details.


According to Screen Rant, Hiddleston loves to play bad guys on-screen after having excelled at playing Loki and now Sir Thomas Sharpe in “Crimson Peak.” According to him, when he got into acting he never wanted to play the same kind of character as he believes in doing varied roles. It is nothing but true because until and unless an actor does not test his/her limits, he/she wouldn’t be able to really gauge to what extent can they push themselves.

Talking about his character Sir Thomas, he shared the fact that he came across the horror genre quite later and had not really seen some good old horror movies. But when he chose to seek some inspiration, he stuck mostly to literary material like Daphne du Maurier’s “Rebecca” and “Jane Eyre.” However, he also took advice from the movie’s director who turned his attention towards other great characters like Peter Cushing and John Barrymore.

Coming back to his iconic character Loki, the media outlet smartly moved the topic of discussion to “Thor: Ragnarok,” in which he is speculated to reprise his role. When being asked whether “Thor: Ragnarok” is his next Marvel project, the “Crimson Peak” was really cautious about not giving out many details as he stuck with his reply of being unaware of his character’s future in the MCU. He went on to state that he hasn’t spoken to Marvel in about two years, but he did joke about what Loki has been doing since “Thor: The Dark World” ended.

For all those who remember he took over the throne posing as Odin following which it was unknown what really has been happening at Asgard. Hiddleston joked that trains in an Asgard run on time now and streets have been cleaned as well. But in all seriousness he honestly doesn’t have a clue when and what is Loki going to do in MCU, which includes “Avengers: Infinity War.” Our guess is that he will continue to rule Asgard as Odin and later team up with the mad Titan Thanos only to betray him as well.


On a lighter note, Vulture reported that comment that Hiddleston made when he was asked about who would win between his fans and Benedict Cumberbatch’s fans. It has been a heated argument for a while as to who would emerge victorious between Hiddlestoners and Cumberbi***es, to settle this once and for all Tom confidently mentioned that neither he nor Benedict would want any fighting involved, what they expect is only passion and love amongst everyone. “Crimson Peak” releases tomorrow in the US.

Photo source: Facebook/Tom Hiddleston

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