Tom Holland Makes An Amazing ‘Spider-Man’, Andrew Garfield Says; Excited To See Spidey Under Marvel’s Roof

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
Tom Holland Makes An Amazing ‘Spider-Man’, Andrew Garfield Says; Excited To See Spidey Under Marvel’s Roof

“Spider-Man 2,” didn’t do well in the box-office and didn’t get good reviews. An upcoming young actor, Tom Holland replaced Garfield as ‘Spider-Man. Tom Holland will debut his first Spidey role in 2016 “Captain America: Civil War.”

Marvel believes that Garfield isn’t really the problem why “The Amazing Spider-Man,” 1 and 2 didn’t make it in the box office, although, it makes the fans wonder why the actor isn’t part of “Captain America: Civil War,” as it is a joint project between Sony and Marvel. Well, Sony cut their deal with Garfield after the two films didn’t do well. Yet, Garfield is excited to see, Spider-Man under Marvel’s roof.

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When Garfiled was asked in an interview about the development of the third installment of the “Amazing Spider-Man” film, he said that he is now throwing ideas with the writer, Alex Kurtzman. They believe that this is pretty a good way to jumpstart the film, it will be a strong base level determining where they have left Peter Parker during the second film and identify what’s logical and not.

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There’s a lot of strain on Holland as the Spider-Man, for both the actor and Marvel himself. It doesn’t really matter how raw the deal is, Garfield has faced the entire situation in a very positive way, saying nothing but good things about Holland.

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Stan Lee, Spider-Man’s co-creator said that he believes that Holland is a good choice and can make a good Spier-Man. The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe describe the actor as the big gun, big one and definitely will stay long term.

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