Tom Holland Opens Up About How He Keeps His Spider-Man Role Under Wraps

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Tom Holland Opens Up About How He Keeps His Spider-Man Role Under Wraps

Aside from creating hit blockbusters about everyone’s favorite superheroes, one of the things that MARVEL Studios does well is keeping secrets, such as what and how exactly several confirmed characters will fit into the upcoming film, “Captain America: Civil War.” However, it turns out that MARVEL isn’t the only one good at keeping secrets, as the young actor, Tom Holland, has managed to devise a fool proof way to keep his character’s role in the film a well-guarded secret.

The world rejoiced, twice, after discovering that MARVEL had discovered a young actor to portray Peter Parker or Spider-Man, and after discovering that his Spider-Man will be appearing in the highly anticipated film, “Captain America: Civil War.”

Spider-Man’s involvement in the events of the film then became a hot topic after discovering that the film wouldn’t be faithfully adapting the comic book event the film is based on, especially as Spider-Man had a large role to play in it.


After a while, interviews, stills, and teaser trailers appeared, but in every single video or picture, Spider-Man was nowhere to be found, causing fans and viewers alike to wonder even more about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, who will definitely be in the film, as the cast and crew have said as much to Entertainment Weekly, when they swung by the set of the film recently.

However, according to an interview that Holland recently did with Entertainment Weekly Radio, he doesn’t know a lot about it as well, except, probably for the parts that he had actually worked on.

In the interview, Holland stated that he made a deliberate choice not to read the entire script of the film, as he knew that he would end up blurting everything out if he was asked about his character during interviews and photo sessions.

He also mentioned that he would rather discover for himself, while watching the film, how his parts fit into the whole puzzle rather than learning about it by reading the entire script.


This plan, however, worked, as until this day, Spider-Man’s role in the film is still a mystery, and a highly guarded one at that.

Aside from Spider-Man, another role that is also a well kept MARVEL secret is actor Martin Freeman’s role in the film. Freeman has been present in the trailers that have already been released, but not much has been shown about his particular role, in the trailers and in interviews.

All that MARVEL Studios president Kevin Feige could tell Entertainment Weekly when they dropped by the set of the film was that Freeman’s character is one that will be there for a short time in the film, but who viewers will be seeing in future films.

Do you think that we’ll have to wait until “Captain America: Civil War” is released to discover how Spider-Man will fit into things?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo Source: MARVEL/Spider-Man

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