The Tomorrow People Season 1 Finale Spoilers: Season 1 Episode 22 Son of Man Preview [WATCH VIDEO]

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Finale Spoilers: Season 1 Episode 22  Son of Man Preview [WATCH VIDEO]
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“The Tomorrow People” Season 1 Episode 22 “Son of Man” is set to be aired on May 5, 2014 at 9 p.m. on The CW. Read on to learn more about MNG’s “The Tomorrow People” spoilers for Season 1 Episode 22 “Son of Man” and a brief recap of “The Tomorrow People” Season 1 Episode 21 ” Kill Switch.”

“The Tomorrow People” is about around a group of young adults, who are members of highly-developed species homo superior. “The Tomorrow People” possessed the ability to use telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis. Stephen Jameson led the group in order to stay alive and hidden away from the normal people and Ultra.

Previously on “The Tomorrow People” Season 1 Episode 21 “The Kill Switch” (air date: April 27, 2014),  The Founder survived a bomb explosion. He also revealed that the tracking serum works as a kill switch for every Tomorrow Person. He warned them that he could kill one every hour.

An unconscious John was given back to the Lair and woke up with Astrid by his side. He learned that it was his incomparable courage had made him stand out among those who have powers.

Jedikiah escaped an institution with the help of Marla. He was asked to help Irene develop a counterattack device that can stop the Founder’s kill switch. Jedikiah and Irene found out that the kill switch worked by an electromagnetic signal that came from a government facility. Irene was then found unconscious as Jedikiah tried to break down the DNA template of homo superior with his psionic abilities.

On the other hand, Natalie continued to diverge within the Lair. She and Russell were desperate to know how the serum worked. They got no other choice but to betray Roger and sent him to the Founder.

WARNING! “The Tomorrow People” spoilers ahead! Read only if you want to know more about the upcoming “The Tomorrow People” Season 1 Episode 22 “Son of Man.” 

TV Guide had the latest dibs on what’s going to happen to the upcoming “The Tomorrow People” Season 1 Finale episode.

After the failed attempt of his deceased father, Stephen must take action in order to save the humanity by stopping the Machine. He needs the all the help that he could get from all the Tomorrow People, even those who have manifested diversion and betrayal. Can he trust Russell again? Will they save the remaining human race?

On the other hand, Russell found out that Cara was taken and he broke his alliance with the Founder. Also, John was offered with an “intriguing opportunity” by Jedikiah.

TV Guide has also interviewed “The Tomorrow People” creator Phil Klemmer for details about the Season 1 Finale. He revealed that the only refuge for the humanity and Tomorrow People is the Earth.

“It’s actually quite a tragic finale,” Klemmer told TV Guide. “There’s loss of life and loss of friendship and loss of love and loss of family.”

Meanwhile, “The Tomorrow People” star Robbie Amell had previously said that there will be five major deaths as the series neared ending and that includes three characters for the final episode.

When he was asked about renewal of “The Tomorrow People”, he told Entertainment Weekly (EW) that he believes in executive producer Phil Klemmer and his abilities to have Season 2.

“[But] I think a lot of it is just going to come down to what their pilots look like. If they want to give us — a show [that] has an established fan base, does really well internationally, and [has] 22 episodes in the bag — another shot on Mondays, or even move us to Fridays…I actually think that we would do well as a Friday show. Or if they want to give their new pilots a show. There’s no way of knowing; there’s so much politics involved in it. I’ve just kind of learned that you[‘ve] just got to go with it, and the right thing will happen.”

“The Tomorrow People” Season 1 Episode 22 “Son of Man” is set to air on May 5, 2014 at 9 p.m. on The CW Network. It was directed by Wendey Stanzler and written by Phil Klemmer.

And that’s it for our “The Tomorrow People” spoilers! Watch out for news about “The Tomorrow People” including more recaps and spoilers, only here at Movie News Guide (MNG).

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