Top 3 Early Versions of Famous Characters

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Top 3 Early Versions of Famous Characters
Sean Connery at the premiere of Seems Like Old Times./Alan Light

With the success of several film franchises, it’s easy to believe that everyone just watched in awe as Batman jumped from roof to roof or as James Bond used a flashy gadget to get out of a mess. Everyone thought that a lot of these characters are just conceptualized really good that it’s impossible for it to tank. But the truth of the matter is that a lot of these film franchises had to go through several reboots and rewrites before making it awesome, hoping that viewers would forget their bad early iterations. Here are some of their early versions.

  1. Batman

Historically speaking, the first Batman comic book was published in 1939, but it really got big in the ‘60s with the TV show, in which Adam West played the caped crusader. From then on, people become hook on the Bat phenomenon, and it becomes something that every person, regardless of social class, managed to watch. But prior to the multi-million film franchise it has become, there was a live-action film released in 1943 titled “Batman and Robin.” However, a lot of fans and executives of from DC Comics do not normally bring it up in conversations. That’s because the first film was so bad that even the costumes were poorly designed and executed. The Batmobile’s look could not be associated with Batman, and it does not resemble its future versions. Even the background story is ridiculous that no one would think it’s Batman. In the movie, Bruce Wayne was recruited by the government to fight the Japanese. Weird, right? Here’s more: his parents weren’t even murdered as a child. Morbid as it may sound, that moment in Bruce’s childhood is an integral part on his road to becoming Batman.

  1. Elsa from “Frozen”

Though not a film franchise, the movie “Frozen” was included in the list because of how seemingly perfect the conceptualization of the movie. Who doesn’t love a story of a princess with powers that hurts others, so she isolated herself from everyone else. However, her sister persevered, and through her love, the ice princess learned how to control her icy powers. But in the original development phase, Elsa was supposed to be a super bad ice queen and wears a coat made of weasels. The popular song “Let It Go” was still used, but the song’s perspective of that is of a power hungry villain embracing who she truly is.

Let’s just thank everyone that was involved in making the film that they chucked this idea out.

  1. James Bond

The “Bond” movie is probably one of the longest and most successful movie franchises in history. Even those that have not seen any of the movies has an idea who James Bond is and what kind of movie to expect. But as many Bond fans know, the first James Bond novel that came to print was “Casino Royale” and not the first film “Dr. No.” Way back in the  ‘50s, there was a TV movie that was made for Casino Royale that not a lot of people watched and enjoyed. First of all, Bond was American and not British. Unbelievable, right? And he wasn’t called Bond, James Bond, but rather Jimmy Bond. It’s a good thing that someone insisted that Bond be played by a hairy Sean Connery. And now Bond lives forever.

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