Top Awards at Sundance Film Festival go to Blood Brothers and Fruitvale

By admin | 6 years ago

The documentary Blood Brothers and Fruitvale, a drama won the top awards at the Sundance Film Festival Saturday night. Fruitvale is a true story that stars Octavia Spencer as well as Michael B. Jordan. Ryan Coogler directed the movie at the young age of 26. The film festival’s jury awarded the movie the U.S. audience drama award for is moral and social qualities.

The movie follows the tragic life of Oscar Grant and is based on his life. Grant was killed at the age of 22 by Oakland, California police on New Year’s Eve 2008. Grant’s death caused numerous different riots in the Oakland metropolitan area as protestors claimed he had died due to police brutality. The Weinstein Company a movie studio purchased the distribution rights to the movie.

Coogler, while giving his acceptance speech, told the audience that the movie had impacted the audience in a profound way and the award he received would be dedicated to the Bay Area, where Grant lived, slept, breathed for only 22 short years. The U.S. documentary award was won by Blood Brothers and awarded by David Guggenheim an Oscar winner for documentaries. He told the audience that Blood Brothers had shock the entire voting panel to the core.

Blood Brothers follows a U.S. male who moves to Africa to help children in an orphanage who are sick with HIV and AIDS. Through his hard work and determination each day, the children of the orphanage soon had a voice.

The movie’s director, Steven Hoover said it was so encouraging to see how the children’s lives were remembered long after they had died and because of this man’s hard work they were never forgotten.

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