Top Doctors Claims Surgeon Gave Angelina Jolie Her Tight New Look—Did She Had A Facelift?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Top Doctors Claims Surgeon Gave Angelina Jolie Her Tight New Look—Did She Had A Facelift?
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Did Angelina Jolie have a facelift like what top doctors claim that surgeon gave her tight new look? Read on for more details.

The 40-year-old A-list actress is absolutely one of the hottest Hollywood celebrity. Many admire her beauty especially her cheekbones and kissable lips, there were even some fans who willingly undergone surgery just to look like her! But, it seems like not everyone is fascinated by her “natural” look as top doctors claim that she could have gone under the knife recently for a facelift! As we observe her transformation through her photos, it is no doubt that she really changed a lot! Is it really because of a surgery or she’s just absolutely gifted?

Several years ago, Jolie was asked in an interview whether or not she has had plastic surgery. She confidently responded that she haven’t had anything was done and she don’t think she will. But, many don’t believe it and spent their time in looking for her then and now photos. This cause Brad Pitt’s wife becomes the recent target of some plastic surgery sites, and little did she know that her answer before could come back and haunt her even in her dreams!

In an exclusive report by Radar Online, one top Hollywood plastic surgeon said that the UN Goodwill Ambassadress looks like she could have gone plastic surgery because of her tight new look as she transformed from a saggy to sculptured look.

According to the report of the site, the Beverly Hills aesthetic specialist Zara Harutyunyan, R.N., with Cosmetic Rejuvenation relayed about Jolie’s possible surgery.

“The rumors of a ribbon-threading facelift are possible for Angelina Jolie because there has definitely been some improvement in her face,” Harutyunyan said.

The aesthetic specialist, who has not treated Jolie, also added that she could have also had the non-surgical type of operation, which would give her similar results. However, she said that she may have undergone treatments such as the FDA-approved non-surgical Skin Tyte of Ultherapy.

On the other hand, another Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Susan Evans tells RadarOnline that after examining her recent photo from 2015, it is clear that her skin looks tighter. However, there are no visible scars in her ear area. She also added that may be Jolie gotten some nice filler that accentuated her cheekbones and she also looks like she added a drop of fillers (hyaluric acid) to her lips to keep them plump because within time, even lips could shrink and become more wrinkled but hers stayed the same.

When RadarOnline asked about Jolie’s nose, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian said that through the years, her nose appears thinner and the tip of it are more contoured. It leads her to believe that Jolie had a rhinoplasty, other than that she could have gone botox, fillers and medical-grade skincare.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Angelina Jolie

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