Top Model Judge Alex Perry Praises Stunning Singaporean Women – Asia’s Next Top Model

By Kathleen Villaruben | 4 years ago
Top Model Judge Alex Perry Praises Stunning Singaporean Women – Asia’s Next Top Model
Asia’s Next Top Model (Wikipedia Commons)

Alex Perry, the popular Australian fashion designer and judge on “Asia’s Next Top Model” (AsNTM), defended Singaporeans’ underestimated fashion sense. Read on for further details about Alex Perry’s interview.

According to the Straits Times‘ take on Life’s phone interview with Perry, the top designer said it is “wrong to generalize a whole culture or country” negatively. He explained that it is normal for a country to have its good and bad labels such as the Australian stereotype of always wearing beach clothes. He even mentioned that not all French people dress good.

Perry, who is also known to design for Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Lopez and Elle Macpherson, concluded that he have seen “hundreds of women” in Singapore “who dress beautifully.” He also described Singaporean women as “gorgeous” and “stunning.”

In the past, fashion experts from other countries have criticized Singaporeans for their poor fashion sense. French designer Roland Mouret openly talked about the “fashion disasters” he witnessed during his visit to Singapore in the year 2012. He lashed out at Singaporean men who wore “the wrong shorts and the flip-flops.” On the other hand, TV host and fashion guru Pauline Lan from Taiwan rated Singaporean female fashion three out of 10.

As the interview went on, Perry is asked about claims that pure Asian women are less attractive than those who have a Caucasian parent. He found it strange because he always loved the authentic and classic Asian beauty like Chinese model Liu Wen. He could not even fathom why some Asian women dye their hair with outrageous colors when they have shiny, black hair.

About the fashion designer himself, Perry loved how flexible his career is since he is a designer and TV personality at the same time. He liked the challenge and experience with different people, especially when he sees somebody winning the competition. Aside from the Top Model franchise, he was also the mentor on “Project Runway Australia.”

Being an international TV personality, Perry was attacked by the public after describing a plus size model as “overstuffed luggage.” He defended himself that people are just “overly sensitive.” However, he decided to be more mindful about his words because it was never his intention to offend somebody. Then he honestly said that being an international model, a standard size must be observed.

Perry is the newest judge and creative director of “AsNTM” Cycle 3. He was also the judge of “Australia’s Next Top Model” for seven seasons.

The current season of “AsNTM” is filmed in Singapore. It is one of the franchises of the iconic modelling series “America’s Next Top Model” (ANTM) hosted by top model veteran Tyra Banks. Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, 19, is Singapore’s representative for “AsNTM” Cycle 3.

Top Model series focuses on amateur models competing in different challenges and themed photo shoots to win the title.

“AsNTM,” hosted by Filipino-British model and TV personality Georgina Wilson, airs every Wednesday at 8:45 p.m. on Star World.

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