The Top Ten Most Liked and Influential Hallyu Stars in China Named

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
The Top Ten Most Liked and Influential Hallyu Stars in China Named
Lee Jong Suk at the 2013 Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. September 27, 2013. Wikimedia Commons/doolki/Uploaded by J13

The “Hallyu” or Korean Wave, which is a term given to the emergence of Korean Entertainment in the international community, is a force that cannot be stopped, as it continues to grow in popularity, to the point that “Hallyu” stars are starting to be recognized internationally, and in the Asian Entertainment world. A prime example of the “Hallyu” Wave’s popularity and influence can be seen in a recently concluded poll done in China, which came out with a list of the Top Ten Most Liked and Most Influential Korean Stars in their country. Read on to learn more about who made the list, and what it means for Korea as a whole.

According to All K Pop, K Drama Stars and the news outlet Naver,  a list of the Top Ten Most Liked and Most Influential Stars in China were released on Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015, in a joint project between Korea Consumer Forum and the Chinese newspaper “People’s Daily.” It consisted of a poll or survey that was handled by the “People’s Daily”.

Most people would consider this as another useless survey, regarding a star’s popularity. However, according to a representative from Korea Consumer Brands, this poll was done in line with it’s Thirteenth Korea Brand of the Year Awards, which recognizes the best brands of the year.

However, for this year, there will be a “Brand of the Year” Hallyu Star Category. It will be determined by the aforementioned poll, in order to recognize the winning stars, as they are the ones who were able to “raise awareness” regarding Korean music and entertainment, and in doing so, they have become the “brand” that symbolizes the Korean Entertainment Industry.

Those who responded in the polls were all Chinese citizens.

According to K Drama Stars, the top ten list is topped by “My Love From the Star’s” Kim Soo Hyun, “Boys Over Flowers’” Lee Min Ho, and “Doctor Stranger’s” and “Pinnochio’s” Lee Jong Suk.

All K Pop and Naver also released the rest of the names on the list, which include bands such as CNBlue, Girl’s Generation, EXO, Big Bang; and actors and entertainers Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk, who are both part of the SBS hit variety show “Running Man”, which is also very popular in China.

What do you think about this list? Do you agree that these are the most liked Korean stars in China?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Photo Source:Wikimedia Commons/Doolki/Uploaded by J13


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