Top Three Mysteries from the Land Down Under

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Top Three Mysteries from the Land Down Under
Australian Outback/Andy Mitchell

Australia is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. With stunning beaches and the great Australian outback, who wouldn’t want to visit it? But just like any other country, it also has some interesting, and sometimes creepy, mysteries. Below are some of them.

Taman Shud

This story is one of the most well-known mysteries in the country. The story involves a dead body of an unidentified man found on Adelaide’s Somerton beach in the late  ‘40s. The only identification that could be found on the unidentified man was a small piece of paper with the phrase “Taman Shud.” The note was found in the hidden pocket of the man’s trousers. The words mean “ended” or “finished” and is an expression that was used on the last page of book of collected poems entitled “The Rubaiyat” by Omar Khayyam. Making it more mysterious is the fact that the collection of poetry contained a piece of code believe to have been written by the unidentified dead man. Many have assumed that the message scribbled meant to be a suicide note, but it remains unsolved up until now.

The Katz II

Eight years ago, the Katz II, a catamaran, was found unmanned in the coast of Queensland, in the northeastern part of Australia. The vessel was last seen leaving Airlie beach  on April 15.  It was also seen in the radar, estimated to be 80 nautical miles off of Townsville, close to the outer area of the Great Barrier Reef three days after. When people got on the boat a couple of days after, the boat’s engine was still running, a laptop was still on, both the radio and GPS were in working condition; and there was even a meal prepared waiting to be consumed. The only thing that was missing was the three occupants of the ship. The three life jackets, along with other equipment, for emergency purposes, were found unused. The investigators found a video clip showing all of the crew, and it seemed that everything was normal.

Juanita Nielsen

Juanita Nielsen was one of the most productive activists in Australia. She was also a business woman, journalist, fashion model and trailblazer. She was heavily involved in protesting modernization of the neighborhoods in King’s Cross in Sydney. The last time that Juanita was seen was in a seedy nightclub called Carousel to talk about getting an advertising space on her magazine. Many believed that it was the developers of the neighborhood that plotted against her disappearance, although it was never proven. Her memorial cross can still be found in her family’s plot in South Head Cemetery in the Vaucluse area.

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