Top TV Shows That Made a Mark on Australians

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Top TV Shows That Made a Mark on Australians
New TV on a showroom floor in Tallahassee, Florida.November 20, 11957. Wikimedia Commons/Florida Memory

Australia has a lot of good TV shows. Ranging from drama, satire, comedy or reality shows, there is a wide selection of great work coming from the minds of its local creative tank. Some of these television programs have transcended the different trends in television and have remained its foothold as cult hits. Here are some of them.


This TV show brought a lot of hype in its first season after it was moderately banned in some parts, especially in Victoria, for fear of becoming an influence in some of the cases that hasn’t been solved yet. The show, which was based on the war of the different gangs in Melbourne  for 10 years, paved the way for it to be renewed for five seasons more, with each season taking on a different criminal story in the history of Australia. “Underbelly” even won multiple awards and is still considered to be one of the best drama shows on Australian TV history.

“The Secret Life of Us”

The show focuses on eight central characters and their overlapping romantic and, to some extent, frenzied professional lives. It built a huge following among its viewer over the four years that it was on air and even made household names to some of its stars.

“Blue Murder”

A stark, vicious and in-your-face depiction of corruption among the ranks in a police department and the activity of the criminal underworld during the ‘70s was the highlight of the show. Considered to be a predecessor to “Underbelly,” it was based on real people and events and tells the story of Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson and his department and their dynamic relationships with a myriad of criminals.


This show became an instant hit and has permanently changed how Australians watch their TV current affairs shows. “Frontline” has highlighted the genre’s dirty practices, putting the cheap tricks on the spotlight — all while poking fun and making it light for its audience.

“Redfern Now”

“Redfern Now” has arguably caught the attention of everyone. Since its debut in 2012, it has always been well praised by its audience and TV critics. The show tells six different story crossovers through small incidents. It has also been praised for its positive portrayals of the ways of indigenous Australians.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Florida Memory


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