Toronto International Film Festival: The Best Films Showcased

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Toronto International Film Festival: The Best Films Showcased

Toronto International Film Festival may not have created much of a buzz, but sure had its fair share of zingers. While the big-time blockbusters like 2014’s “Birdman” or “12 years a slave” weren’t present for the festival this year, some really interesting movies were screened at Toronto this year. Read on for more details.

Though Toronto’s International Film Festival had a nice laidback feel to it, it certainly had some really good movie screenings that caught the audience’s attention. The movie adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s “Room” novel was one of those selections. The movie told the emotionally charged story of a mother trapped in a shed with her son. It was lauded for transforming an outrageous plot with gritty acting. The film won the people’s choice award at the festival.

Another interesting movie to be screened at the festival was Johnny Depp’s “Black Mass.” Many were taken aback when Depp shaved off his head to portray the infamous Irish Mobster “Whitney Bulger.” The film got as much negative attention as it got positive critical acclaim. The was released for the general public last week and has gotten rave reviews since.

Those who were present for the movie were also very keen about “Spotlight.” It is a newsroom procedural drama that told the story of the coverage of Massachussets Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal, by the famed newspaper, Boston Globe. With an all star cast and a really engaging script, the movie got much positive attention in the press.

The festival may have screened many winners, but it certainly lacked on the audience front. Many say that the audience for the festival has dwindled in numbers these past few years. The festival was otherwise quite spectacular and garnered much positive attention in the press.

Variety reported the news first. People Magazine did a piece on the “Room” winning the people’s choice award.

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