Total Recall Is Back

By admin | 6 years ago

The remake of Total Recall hits movie theaters today 22 years after the original action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger hit cinemas across the U.S. starring in the film is Colin Farrell.

The movie is the first action film for Farrell in quite some time, even though he does not think of himself as an action film star. The 36-year old actor said he is very anxious about the film’s premier this weekend. The movie needs to do very well at the box office because of its huge $125 million budget. Everyone involved with the production is hoping that moviegoers around the country and the world will accept the new movie.

The remake has certainly played the role of a glossy, high-budgeted summer action flick: incredible special effects, sets that are incredibly futuristic and the required set of heroines to kick some butt and have the looks and bodies of a world class model. In the new movie, that pair of women are the beautiful Kate Beckinsale and the lovely Jessica Biel.

Beckinsale’s husband Len Wiseman is the film’s director. She said she was very anxious to see how the movie is since she has yet to see it in its full length. She has been worried that she might look less cool in the film in some of her stunts than what she felt like when she performed them.

Biel was quick to agree. She said the martial arts training she did would not serve her very well in if she needed to defend herself in real life.

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