‘Toy Story 4’: More Than Just A Love Story; Will Tackle Andy’s Mother?

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
‘Toy Story 4’: More Than Just  A Love Story; Will Tackle Andy’s Mother?
Toy Story

Fans of the “Toy Story” franchise had to put their thinking caps on as they are shaken with a theory that could be a significant part of the narrative in the upcoming “Toy Story 4” movie.

In a report from Movie Pilot, it has been speculated that the fourth installment of director John Lasseter’s 3D animated buddy-comedy movie will be much closer to home as it will tackle the concern about Andy’s parents. A state of affairs in the “Toy Story” universe, which hasn’t really been given much emphasis despite its three outings.

The astounding scheme was first brought to light by Jon Negroni, a self-confessed connoisseur of the said Disney Pixar movie. Negroni made it clear by means of the “Jessie” story as a template in “Toy Story 2”, which was about a female owner who outgrown her toy. It has been insisted upon that Jessie’s original owner is Andy’s mother who eventually was the reason that she got horribly locked away in a storage box. This theory has been supported by the following levelheaded details:

  • Andy wears a brown Western-style hat that is different from his favorite toy, Woody.
  • The said hat could be a replica of Jessie’s hat with the slight difference of having a white ribbon encircling the brim.
  • When Emily the owner of the Jessie doll placed her toy inside the box the hat wasn’t present.
  • The animation never revealed Emily’s face yet they have the same hair color as Andy’s mother.
  • Andy’s mother’s name was never mentioned in any of the three films.
  • We can assume that Emily is of the same age as Andy’s mother is in the present setting.
  • Andy and her mother are identical in their trait of growing up and letting go of their toys.

Do you think such conclusions are reasonable with regards to the true identity of Andy’s single mother?

Lasseter made it clear to fans in the recent D23 Expo that “Toy Story 4” will have a story arc that involves a love story between Woody and his search for the lost Lil Bo Peep as cited by IGN.

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