Toy Story Reveals a Surprising Connection with Carl & Ellie of Up

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Toy Story Reveals a Surprising Connection with Carl & Ellie of Up
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Toy Story 3 has been out for almost seven years, but fans are still finding hidden gems that further confirms the theory that all movies from Pixar exist in one universe. Recently, a fan spotted an Easter Egg that connects the world of Woody and Buzz to another animated tearjerker movie, Up. 

Andy’s Connection To Carl & Ellie

Watching a Pixar movie usually involves searching for Easter Eggs that reference past and future projects. Nemo, for example, showed up in Monster Inc. in 2011 before starring in his own animated feature Finding Nemo in 2003. The famous Gusteau’s restaurant from Ratatouille also exists in the world of Cars (but was renamed “Gastows”). Then, there is that Pizza Planet truck that appears in virtually every Pixar movie.

In fact, Disney highlighted these Easter Eggs in a video posted on Facebook. Watch below:

Pixar Easter Eggs

Oh my spurs! You ain't never seen Easter eggs like these, partner. 👀

Posted by Toy Story on Sunday, January 15, 2017

But there is one Easter Egg that has not been found until now. Internet sleuths at Buzzfeed discovered that Andy of Toy Story 3 probably knows Carl and Ellie from Up!

In a write-up appropriately titled Just When I Thought Toy Story 3 Couldn’t Get Any Sadder, I Noticed This S***, the author revealed that the hidden Easter Egg is found on a cluttered bulletin board briefly seen in Toy Story 3. It is easy to understand why viewers have not located this little gem until now: the bulletin board is cluttered with certificates, post-it notes, and other things. But under all the paper tacked on the board,  one could make out a postcard with the sender’s and address written on it. The card was sent by Carl and Ellie Fredricksen, the sweet old couple from Up!

The postcard did not offer the reason why the Fredricksens are sending Andy a postcard. Whatever message that the couple wrote to the young boy was obscured by an envelope and a trophy. However, they seem to be rather important figures in the boy’s life because he keeps the postcard displayed on his bulletin board.

Sadly, there is no way to know why Carl and Ellie know Andy well enough to send him a postcard. As mentioned, Pixar likes to keep fans on their toes by hiding Easter Eggs in each of their animated movies. The studio also refuse to confirm the movies’ connections and whether they all happen in one universe or not. (Although, a representative from Disney offered his own dark theory about the absence of humans in Cars.)

Toy Story 4 Release Date, Returning Cast, Plot

Disney announced that Toy Story 4 will be released on June 21, 2019. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will reprise their roles as Woody and Buzz. In fact, according to reports, the actors are already hard at work doing voice works for the toys.

Unfortunately, veteran actor Don Rickles passed before recording lines for his fan-favorite character Mr. Potato Head. Rumors claim that the studio might use old vocal recordings just to bring the character back to the big screen. Likely, Disney and Pixar will recast the voice actor for Mr. Potato Head or completely remove the character from the movie.

The last viewers have seen the toys, Andy (John Morris) is heading to college and he made the decision to pass down his toys to Bonnie (Emily Hahn).

According to US MagazineToy Story 4 is going for a romantic angle this time around. The anticipated movie will see Woody reunite with his old sweetheart Bo Peep (Annie Potts). To recall, the little shepherd was only briefly seen in a home video taken by Ms. Davis in Toy Story 3. Woody commented that the other toys were given away, sold in yard sales and thrown out. When Rex mentioned her name, Woody clearly showed that he is still heartbroken about her absence.

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