‘Toy Story’: Woody Was Never The Same As You Know Him Today

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
‘Toy Story’: Woody Was Never The Same As You Know Him Today
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Twenty years back, Pixar Animation came up with a story that revolved around a kid’s toy but made fans from all age groups. Thursday evening (October 2nd), the team of “Toy Story” not just celebrated 20 successful years of the film but shared some of the moments they experienced since making the first part of the movie. Continue reading to know the more about of “Toy Story”.

The celebration of the 20th anniversary took place in Beverly Hills at Samuel Goldwyn Theater, where Director John Lasseter, along with panelists Ed Catmull  who is the president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios; Galyn Susman, character technical director and lighting supervisor for “Toy Story”; and Ralph Eggleston, art director, shared stories and trivia with moderator Jon Favreau and the audience of all ages.

Telling about the creation of characters for “Toy Story”, Lasseter said that they always saw it as an adult thing and that’s why the early creation of Woody was also something leaning to the adult type. (via Cinema Blend)

In the earlier script of the film, Woody was a cowboy ventriloquist dummy who spoke with a John Wayne-esque candor. Woody was once going to be portrayed as a detached character, who was a favourite toy of Andy and try on every tactics to sabotage newcomer Buzz Lightyear. Although, when the story reached Disney Studio executives, they simply refused to work on it.

So he and his team had to work again on the story and this time they came up with an idea that was not only appraised by the Disney executives but audiences too.

The film today is a mega hit with three Oscar nominations after it and the character Woody is everyone’s favourite despite being jealous at certain times, his kind hearted nature wins everyone over.

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