Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Trade Jared Sullinger with Phoenix Suns’ Markief Morris

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Trade Jared Sullinger with Phoenix Suns’ Markief Morris
Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics roster is looking too heavy with a notable sixteen players given guarantees to contracts. This obviously means that the Celtics will be looking to cut at least three players before the start of the next season. It is rumored that three trade offs will be made and the players getting shopped will be Perry Jones, Jared Sullinger, and Evan Turner. Read on for more details.

Gospel Herald reported that even though the names tossed for trade off almost always include Sullinger, there are other players who will get traded too. The Gospel Herald speculates that Jones and Turner will also get sent off before the season begins. Other trade off favorites are Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, and David Lee, ESPN reports.

It looks like Sullinger will have to move. It is obvious that the team can’t afford to keep another player on the bench. Now, Sullinger has many injuries and numerous health issues. Celtics can’t possibly keep sick stars on their roster. If the Gospel Herald is to be believed, the Celtics will probably trade Sullinger with the disgruntled star of the Phoenix Suns, Markief Morris.

Markief has been grumbling ever since his twin brother, Marcus was traded by the Suns to Detroit Pistons. It is obvious that the Suns have put up with Markief’s grumblings for long enough; he gives them hostility all the time. So the Suns would probably love to take Sullinger off Celtics’ hands and gratefully trade Markief with them.

The fact that there are few players on the market who can match Markief’s skills as a power forward will also be a deal cincher. It is obvious that both the teams will try to derive the most out of the trade off.

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