We Have a New Trailer for Heaven is for Real

By admin | 4 years ago

Heaven is for Real based on the Christian book is stars Gregg Kinnear and will hopefully hit theatres next easter. A little boy sees visions of heaven while he lies unconscious on a hospital bed and lives to tell the tale of about the mystery of heaven that we all fantasize about every now and then.

The film is based on a family who are currently going through a hard time in life as their son has just gone through and survived a life threatening surgery. But here’s the catch, when the boy wakes, he tells his parents about the things he saw and the people he met in the supposed after life, one of those people being a younger version of his grandfather.

The film is being billed as a true story and is an adaptation of the best selling book written by Christian Pastor Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent which tells about the events that occurred after Burpo’s son had a near death experience and began telling stories of heaven.

Below is the trailer of the film, be sure to catch a glimpse of it to get a fresh start for the movie when it hits theatres on April 16th 2014

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