‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ Movie Update: The Final Installment Will See End Of Humans And Dragons

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ Movie Update: The Final Installment Will See End Of Humans And Dragons
How To Train Your Dragon

“How To Train Your Dragon” franchise are all set to come up with their third and last movie. Dean De Blois, the director of the movie has created mysteries around fans as he disclose that the final episode will see dragons and humans separating from each other. June 29, 2018 has been put as the release date for the movie, and numerous possibilities have been put across as to what the storyline will be!

According to vcpost.com, dragons and humans will be up against each other in the final “How To Train Your Dragon 3” movie. These rumors are not baseless as the book from where the story has been picked up tells the same thing.

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Cressida Cowell says that the movie will have the same ending as that in the book, even if the storyline is not entirely the same. There will be not just a fight between dragons and humans, but viewers and fans will see a final goodbye from both the corners. In the books written by Cowell, humans and dragons have been living together since Hiccup was a child.

According to moviepilot.com, there will be a different fate in the “How To Train Your Dragon 3.” De Blois has created more mystery by what he has revealed as he gave the reasons as to how dragons can come back and what are the possibilities. They mystery will be resolved only when we get to see the movie.

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Drago, the villain who appeared in the previous movie, will make a comeback. And as per speculations from numerous viewers, he will cause a huge war that will result in dragons being completely eradicated. Whatever may be the storyline and end of this series, there will be no shortage of excitement and adventure that was there in previous movies.

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