Train To Busan 2 Cast Update & Spoilers: Song Joong Ki Replaces Gong Yoo’s Character Seok-Woo?

By Neha Bakshi | 1 year ago
Train To Busan 2 Cast Update & Spoilers: Song Joong Ki Replaces Gong Yoo’s Character Seok-Woo?

Train to Busan 2 is one of the highly anticipated flicks. Although the sequel has not been confirmed yet, the fans continue to speculate about the sequel as the first part was critically acclaimed and got massive response from overseas market.

In a recent update, it is stated that Song Joong Ki is likely to play the lead role in the Train to Busan 2. It is further mentioned that Gong Yoo who originally played the role of as Seok-woo will not return to reprise his role.

It was earlier noted by many tabloids that Gong Yoo is all set to reprise his role but probably his character gets killed in the end of first part while saving his daughter. Joong Ki’s character is described as the one that saves his daughter.

However on the contrary, the production team of Train to Busan has responded to the rumors and cited that at the first place they never talked about a sequel of the zombie horror flick, as mentioned by Korea Boo. Hence, the news update on Song Joong Ki joining the sequel cast seems only a rumor.

Joong Ki got world wide recognition with war saga of love Descendants of the Sun; the series has been extremely popular both locally and internationally.

In another update, it is rumored that if the sequel comes under production Ma Dong Seok’s character Sang Hwa may be seen transformed into a zombie.

Although some may conclude that his character got killed by zombies at the end, it was not shown. He might reconnect with his family again in the new transformed zombie look in Train to Busan 2.

Train to Busan is one of the highest grossing films in South Korea and has already grossed $99 million worldwide.

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