Trainer of Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals His Workout Regime

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Trainer of Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals His Workout Regime
Jake Gyllenhaal (Official Facebook Page/Just Jared

The Brokeback Mountain star, Jake Gyllenhaal is all set to feature in sports drama film “Southpaw” directed by the American director, Antonia Fuqua. The film tells a story of a boxer at the height of his fame and the consequences he face after he announces his retirement from the boxing world.

With an indie-slim male lead role in “Donny Darko” and a heavy built up for a troubled US soldier in “Jarhead” and after again essaying the role of a gaunt, diminished journalist in the movie “Nightcrawler”, Gyllenhaal has proven that he can fit and do justice to every role.

For the movie “Southpaw”, Jake had to undergo heavy training and after the release of the movie’s first trailer, the actor’s heavy regime workout has been revealed. Jake has been trained by former professional boxer Terry Claybon for the role of the boxer. Terry revealed that Jake started working out six months before the start of the principal shooting of the film.

Terry later added that Jake has spent six hours in gym building and gaining muscles. Apart from hitting the benches and the bells, Gyllenhaal got trained for boxing just to get into the skin of a real life boxer. His exercises also included cardio and 2000 sit-up’s daily!

This is not the first time that any actor is pushing the limits to get into the skin of a character. People in the movie industry still talk about the psychological thriller film, “The Machinist” in which actor Christian Bale lost 60lbs. Another example of this is Hugh Jackman, who transformed his body to get into the role of Wolverine for the “X-Man” franchise.

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Photo Source: Jake Gyllenhaal/Facebook/Just Jared

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