‘Trainwreck’ Sex Scene Of John Cena And Amy Schumer Had Got “Total Divas” Nikki Bella All Upset!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago

“Trainwreck,” a R-rated comedy drama starring Amy Schumer, has a lot of hilarious puns. The movie made itself Apatow’s second biggest directorial debut with box-office collection of $63.9 million. The most talked about stuff in the movie were comedy sex scenes and apparently, the one between John Cena and Amy Schumer had got “Total Divas” Nikki Bella very upset.

The sex scene between Amy Schumer and John Cena is a comical premature ejaculation sequence. And John Cena made a grave mistake of not approaching his “Total Divas” partner Nikki Bella before saying yes for it. John Cena talked with FOX411 about the uncomfortable sex scene with Amy Schumer and admits that he made a mistake by not telling Nikki Bella about the sex scene beforehand.

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John Cena said, “Nicole [Nikki Bella] had every right to be upset because I didn’t tell her about it at first. I never really approached her with “I’m trying to do this thing.” John Cena also said that the sex scene with Amy Schumer was uncomfortable but Schumer had been very fantastic the whole time.

The sex scenes of “Trainwreck” movie and Amy Schumer, of course, made the movie a fair success. The R- Rated comedy movies are having a struggling start this year, including “Ted 2” and “Magic Mike XXL”.

John Cena had even apologized with Nikki Bella for hiding about the sex scenes in front of cameras on “Total Divas.” John Cena even cleared the air over his relationship with Nikki Bella and added, “She’s great. A relationship is based on communication. She knows I’m head over heels in love with her.”

Amy Schumer has reached all together a different level with “Trainwreck.” According to a poll by Rentrak, 28% of respondents said they went to see the film “Trainwreck” because of Amy Schumer.

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