Transcendence trailers featuring the voices of Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman

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Two trailers of the movie “Transcendence” have been released which feature the voices of Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman who give us a chilling message about the fast progress of our technology which some day might become self aware and might just turn against its creators, wreaking havoc to our societies and nations.

The first trailer features Depp’s voice as he describes how technology has the potential to grow beyond imaginable boundaries, as his face slowly forms out of the 0s and 1s on a screen.

The second trailer, voiced by Morgan Freeman, in which Freeman describes to us, or rather warns us about how our technology is very capable of overtaking human evolution in the blink of an eye.

The movie will be starred by the two big names, Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman who will be accompanied by Paul Bettany and Rebecca Hall.

In the movie, Depp will be playing a researcher who assassinated and gets his brains shipped off to some time in the future where the brain (Depp’s brain) will test the limits of technology and test how far it can be pushed until it becomes too powerful.

The sci-fi thriller executive produced by Christopher Nolan will hit screens on April 18th 2014.

Source: Mirror

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