Transformers 5: Michael Bay Still Keen On Directing, New Pool Of Writers With Even More Gloomier Script

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Transformers 5: Michael Bay Still Keen On Directing, New Pool Of Writers With Even More Gloomier Script
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“Transformers 5” will still be helmed behind the camera by blockbuster director Michael Bay. The 50-year-old director along with his Transformers movie series has been flooded a lot of guesswork since Bay tentatively announced that he was moving out of the director’s chair. Read on for more details.

According to The Gospel Herald, the fifth installment will be utilizing two characters that appeared in the 1986’s “Transformers” animated movie directed by Nelson Shin.

The two expected robots that will bring fresh air to the franchise will be space traveling devourer Unicron and city head honcho Ultra Magnus. The latter would seem likely to make more than just a cameo appearance as there has also been an insinuation that Optimus Prime will be destroyed in the upcoming film. Another possible villain that has created a buzz is the Quintessons who are described as the shrewd entrepreneur who also pass through the galaxies.

Bay at first was hesitant to again direct the follow-up to 2014’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction.” However, Bay was interested to go again especially with the new batch of talented recruits he has in his writing pool.

Robert Kirkman of “The Walking Dead” fame and “Pacific Rim’”s Zak Penn are now part of Akiva Goldman’s gifted prose stable along with Art Marcumm, Matt Holloway, and Jeff Pinkner.

The other elements of this congregating have still all been incubated, but rumors abound that characters from the first two sequels could be returning to join Texan designer Cage Yeager. Shia LaBeouf (Sam Witwicky) and Megan Fox (Mikaela Banes) have been rumored to be thrown in the mix for incoming Transformer’s movie.

The 29-year-old Fox was quoted in an interview on Enstarz that she had no qualms about participating once more in Bay’s robot adaptation.

Peter Cullen, who voiced Optimus Prime, in the animated series also revealed that the fifth installment had a “start off” from history approach to it as desired by the movie studio as it now tackles the gloomier narrative of the Transformers Universe.

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