‘Transformers’ Franchise Has Decade Long Planning Of Sequels

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Transformers’ Franchise Has Decade Long Planning Of Sequels
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Franchise is a new game plan for many movie makers these days and the reason behind this is not a secret anymore. By coming up with a franchise you are able to develop a base of dedicated fans and captive audience while new viewers are being added continuously.

According to moviepilot.com, it is like making a security deposit for a successful movie on which new movies can be made in coming years. Paramount pictures has certainly made the best use of this trend as has come up with Transformers Franchise. It has been revealed recently by Hasbro that the franchise is in plans to come up with TV shows, spinoffs, and sequels for Transformers 5, regardless of the liking of viewers.

Paramount pictures surprised all of us recently with the announcement that that it has created a group of writers to sketch out new story for Transformers Franchise. This type of strategy is usually employed by TV show makers, and it enables to keep the story fresh and interesting for the viewers.


Paramount pictures, however, is not the first one to embrace this strategy. Similar kind of brain trust was created by Disney for the Star Wars sequel. Universal pictures are not left behind either as it has also created a similar room for its monster movies.

According to cinemablend.com, the writer’s room created by Paramount pictures comprises nearly a dozen writers, including Akiva Goldsman, winner of the Academy Awards and who now leads this team. Michael Bay is also called upon to share his thoughts, even though he is preoccupied with other projects as well.

According to the statement made by Akiva Goldsman few months back, creation of writer’s room should not come as a surprise. What are your views on all these developments. Share your views in the comments below.

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