Transparent Recap: Best New Girl

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Transparent Recap: Best New Girl
Photo of Jeffrey Tambor on the Delta Shuttle. Feb. 16, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/LFaraone.

Transparent” Season 1 Episode 8 “Best New Girl” has been streaming on Amazon Prime since Sept. 26, 2014. This episode was different from all the rest of the episodes in the first season, as it began and ended in 1994. Read on to learn more.

The show opened with Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) packing his stuff in the car as he and Shelly (Judith Light) discussed why he had to leave for this “surprise conference” with other professors and scholars. Ali (Gaby Hoffman) apparently decided to cancel her Bat Mitzvah, so Mort took this opportunity to go. The truth was, Mort was going to the trans camp with Marc, a.k.a Marcy (Bradley Whitford).

With no party happening, Shelly made plans to sleep over at her sister’s place and left a young Sarah in charge of her siblings. However, Sarah had other plans; she would be going to a protest. As soon as her mother left, Sarah was out of the house. At the protest, she would then meet a lovely lesbian.

Meanwhile, a younger Josh was also going out joyriding with a slightly older Rita, which Ali thought was disgusting. Josh couldn’t care less; he and Rita were in love.

Ali would be left alone in the house for many hours. When a caterer arrived, not realizing that her Bat Mitzvah was cancelled, Ali asked her to stay for a bit, as she performed the Torah. Later, she decided to head down to the beach, where Ali met a much older guy. They wrestled by the sand, had beers and she got drunk. It was implied that they also kissed.

Mort and Marc arrived at the camp and grew excited upon seeing a lot of transgender present everywhere. This was going to be a fun conference, wasn’t it? The men changed their clothes and freely mingled and danced with the crowd as Maura and Marcy.

But as the weekend went on, Maura realized there was still a lot she had to learn between being a cross-dresser, a transvestite and a transsexual. She also reflected that she can never fully be happy for as long as her life is tied with her other life as Mort.

This weekend was also an eye-opener for Maura and Marcy’s relationship. Apparently, Marcy had a different perception of who she was. Deep inside, Marcy still thought of herself as a man.

In the same camp, the two also met Connie, the very supportive and open-minded wife of one of the trans. Maura was so drawn to her that the two ended up making out in the cabin, after a drinking binge, which made Marcy even more upset.  This would be the last time the two friends would get together. They left the Camp Camellia cursing at each other.

Meanwhile, Shelly confessed to her sister, Judy, that she suspected Mort was having an affair. She also told her sister-in-law that her husband had an unusual sexual kink that was turning her off. Lastly, Shelly confessed that Eddie from the school board was inviting her to visit his house. This laid the ground for what would be the scenario in the present day: Mort and Shelly divorced, she married Ed and Mort would become Maura.

And there you have it for the recap of “Transparent” Season 1 Episode 8 “Best New Girl,” which is already available for viewing on Amazon Prime. We’ll have the recap of the next episode tomorrow. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/LFaraone

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