Transparent Recap: Rollin

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Transparent Recap: Rollin
Photo of Jeffrey Tambor on the Delta Shuttle. Feb. 16, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/LFaraone.

Transparent” Season 1 Episode 3 “Rollin” is available for streaming at Amazon Prime. In this episode, Maura prepared to move out of the family house, just in time for Sarah to move in after confessing to her husband about her affair. Josh got fired from his job, while Ali was dumped by the hot trainer she was seeing. Read on for the recap.

Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) was packing up her stuff, preparing to move to her new place in an LGTB community. Sarah (Amy Landecker) was with her to help, and the two discussed the latest changes in their lives. Sarah convinced her father to come out to Josh next. She also told Maura she’s proud that her dad was making such a bold choice. Perhaps she’s wishing she was just as brave so that she can confess to her husband, Len, that she’s in love with Tammy (Melora Hardin). Maura understood her eldest daughter. She was, after all, bidding her time with telling everyone she loves her biggest secret too. It wasn’t easy to confess.

As Sarah placed stuff in boxes, she saw Josh’s things and found a stack of love letters from Rita, the former babysitter. Turned out, Rita was the old woman Josh (Jay Duplass) has been seeing, as shown in the pilot episode. (Click here.)

Around this time, Josh was looking for Kaya, the girl he’s having sex with. One of her bandmates from Glitterish seemed to think he was crazy for asking Kaya’s hand in marriage.

Josh dropped by the family home to pick up his stuff before his dad left for good. Maura thought this might be a good time to come out to her second-born, but she lost nerve and quickly changed to his man clothes (as Mort) before facing Josh. But Maura’s faint perfume scent was in the air that Josh thought his dad had a woman with him minutes ago. Was his dad moving in with her? Mort could only mutter that the situation was complicated.

Josh: I bet it is! I can tell from the scent that she’s younger than you and a bit of a freak. Am I right?
Mort: She’s not a freak.

It was not yet time to tell Josh based on that statement.

Back at work with Josh still looking for Kaya, his boss announced that he’s now off Glitterish and will instead be handling the band called Drug Mules. (What’s with the crazy band names, right?) This did not sit well with Josh, so he threw a tantrum right there, prompting his boss to fire him.

Later, he finally got to talk to Kaya, who told him that he treated her badly so she cannot be with him. Moreover, she has done the abortion.

Much later, Josh was seen sifting through the old letters he kept of Rita. What was written there hinted that they were pretty serious. They wanted to marry each other back then.

Meanwhile, Sarah was back at her house with Len when she finally got the courage to tell him about Tammy. Len refused to take it and declared that they will need to see a marriage therapist, which Sarah didn’t want. She left the house to see Tammy, who has not been returning her calls all day. Unfortunately, Sarah found her settled at home with her wife, and they were happily playing with their daughter. Just like that, Sarah’s illusions were shattered to pieces. She found solace in the family house.

While all this was going on, Ali (Gaby Hoffman) was with her trainer and his roommate, getting high on drugs, so high that she felt it was right to propose a threesome with them, which the men didn’t warm up to. They asked her to leave and was sent back to her house via a hired car. Still hungover, Ali was lying down on the ground of her apartment’s courtyard when she received a call from her father, who asked if they could talk. She gladly told him this would be the best time.

This episode also featured guest star Bradley Whitford as a transwoman whom Maura met in the 1990s when they bonded over magazines.

And that’s it for “Transparent” Season 1 Episode 3 “Rollin” on Amazon Prime. We’ll be doing more recaps of the episodes of the full season release here on Movie News Guide (MNG), so keep checking back.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/LFaraone

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