Transparent Recap: Symbolic Exemplar

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Transparent Recap: Symbolic Exemplar
Photo of Jeffrey Tambor on the Delta Shuttle. Feb. 16, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/LFaraone.

Transparent” Season 1 Episode 7 “Symbolic Exemplar” can be watched via streaming at Amazon Prime. It was Maura’s big day at the “Trans Got Talent” show, but her children dampened the event. The kids all agreed they would be going to support their father. But the truth was, they were really not handling Maura’s transition well. Read on to find out what happened.

Ali (Gaby Hoffman) was shopping for new clothes. She wanted to go “high fem” as this was the type of woman her trans man friend, Dale, goes for. Her best friend Syd (Carrie Brownstein)  said that she needed to up her game coz she was not high nor low fem. She was Middle Earth fem. They picked a dress with a lot of “boobage.” She even wore a sexy red lipstick. This was going to be her first date with Dale, whom she met in the last episode at her new school.

Flashback to 1994, a young Ali was complaining about her dress for the Bat Mitzvah to her father, prompting her to declare that she longer wanted to have one. The conversation led to her asking about God, and Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) said this had nothing to do with it, as it was about understanding inner struggles and conflicts.

Later, Mort was talking to Shelly (Judith Light) about cancelling Ali’s Bat Mitzvah, but his wife refused because they already paid for some of the preparations. Of course, Mort was really secretly hoping this because he wanted to be at the trans conference out of town instead.

Back to the present time and the Pffefferman’s house’s renovation was underway with Tammy (Melora Hardin) planning everything.

Meanwhile, Ali was on her date with Dale. He brought her to his house, which Ali thought was pretty awesome. It was a man’s house, rustic and masculine. There, she started to seduce Dale. It was hot, naughty and sexy. When Dale saw that she had a bushy crotch, he offered to “fix,” it and so Ali spent the date with Dale shaving her down there. Later, he took her shopping at an adult toy store with Ali picking out a red dildo.

Sarah (Amy Landecker) was accompanied by Josh (Jay Duplass) at the doctor’s office. She was having a hard time sleeping at night. The doctor said she looked anxious. The medicine prescribed to her was pot.

Sarah: I forgot how much I loved this. This is legal and I have a bag!

The two discussed how they were really feeling about Maura, and Josh said he still doesn’t know what to make of it. Later, Josh was on his date with Raquel (Katherine Hahn), and they started to get intimate. But Josh was suddenly freaking out. He explained that he’s still thinking about how his father is basically his mother now, and it’s ruining his game.

Josh: Tonight, my sisters want me to go to this talent show, something trans talent. My dad’s going to be in it and he’s going to be wearing a fucking dress!

Raquel offered to go with him. But Josh said he wasn’t even sure what he’s going to see. So she offered to wait for him at his home, so he can come home to her with dinner ready.

It’s the night of the “Trans Got Talent” show, and Sarah and Tammy were first to arrive at the venue. They were greeted by Maura. Sarah was a bit high, so she’s chatty and cheery. Next to arrive was Ali with Dale in tow. Josh also arrived looking for Sarah immediately. Ali saw them, and all three snuck into a room smoking pot. Ali told his siblings that she’s dating a trans.

Josh: Wait, that dude wants to become a woman?
Ali: No, that dude was a woman.
Sarah: Did he have any surgery?
Ali: He didn’t.
Josh: Lower surgery?
Ali: He still has a vagina.
Josh: What?! I just realized something…that means that four out of five Pffeffermans now prefer pussy.

It was time for Maura’s performance, who sang with Davina. Ali was clearly uncomfortable about it, and so she got up to leave the place within minutes of the number. She thought she’ll have sex with Dale in one of the center’s bathroom stalls, but it ended up badly with Dale accusing Ali she was only into him because she’s fascinated by trans. They had nothing in common. Later, as Dale brought her back to his house, Ali realized that it was just a typical house, after all. Ali was looking into this with rose-colored glasses the first time, as a way of coping with Maura’s transition.

Josh was the second one to leave while Maura was performing because he too couldn’t bear to watch it. Sarah only left to follow Josh to the parking lot. But instead of talking about what just happened in there, Josh saw Tammy’s truck and some familiar wood pieces. Tammy had been renovating the family house, and this pissed off Josh because how will he be able to sell it now that the house looked way different? Besides, Tammy promised him she wouldn’t do anything.  He went to the family house and saw the changes Tammy had already done. Then he ended up hanging out with Bianca, Tammy’s young stepdaughter. Meanwhile, Raquel was patiently waiting for him at his home.

Before her number ended, Maura saw that her children’s seats were now empty. This disappointed her so much. At the end of the event, she visited Shelly who offered her shoulder to cry on. It seemed like in their family, Maura’s ex-wife was the only one who accepted her fully.

And that’s what happened on “Transparent” Season 1 Episode 7 “Symbolic Exemplar,” now released on Amazon Prime. Keep following Movie News Guide (MNG) for the remaining recaps.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/LFaraone


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