Transparent Season Finale Recap: Why Do We Cover the Mirrors? [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Transparent Season Finale Recap: Why Do We Cover the Mirrors? [WATCH VIDEO]
Photo of Jeffrey Tambor on the Delta Shuttle. Feb. 16, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/LFaraone.

“Transparent” Season 1 Episode 10 “Why Do We Cover the Mirrors?” is the final episode of the season that is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. It was an emotional day as the Pffeffermans deal with the death of their second father, Ed. Read on for the recap.

We hear background music being played, and it was Bianca with one of the girls from Glitterish singing at Josh’s house. Was this the new band he would be managing for his new label? Josh (Jay Duplass) was preparing to leave for the funeral with Raquel (Kathryn Hahn). Their relationship has been going really well. It looked like it was turning serious.

But later, when Ali (Gaby Hoffman) suggested that Josh was a love addict who screwed and dumped a lot of women close to the family, like Rita and Syd, Raquel got scared off and left, but not after having a big argument with Josh. This bothered him, and he realized that maybe it was Rita’s fault. Did she tell Raquel about them? Rita was actually at the funeral. Yes, she came to pay her respects to the Ed too, and she was with a young 17-year-old boy, so everybody thought he was Rita’s latest boyfriend. The young man was actually her son, Colton, and Josh would be his father. Rita put him up for adoption, and later Colton tracked her down, leading up to this day.

Sarah (Amy Landecker) picked up her mom at her house, and she brought a whole jar of mustard for the funeral. Shelly was obsessing about the food, perhaps as a way to distract herself from losing Ed. Sarah saw that Len (Rob Huebel) was there to pay his respects too, and Sarah ached at the sight of their children hugging him.

Later, the two of them had a tryst at the laundry room, while everyone was dining after the funeral. Len said that he still loves his wife, but he doesn’t want their relationship to be a secret. Would Sarah get back together with him? Actually, Sarah reacted by declaring to Tammy (Melora Hardin) that they should get married.

Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) came to the funeral fully dressed as a woman. This would probably be her first outing among relatives and friends, and there were whispers and stares, but Maura did not let this bother her.

It was Ali (Gaby Hoffman) who was bothered, who seemed to be having it worst this day. After telling Raquel about her brother’s conquest, she asked her mother at the funeral about why she never had a Bat Mitzvah. She could remember cancelling this, but why? Shelly told her that the real reason for this was because their father had to go to trans camp that weekend, and this triggered Ali’s emotions. She lashed out on Maura, right in front of the guests. It was the saddest and most embarrassing moment, as they were arguing about why Maura allowed her to cancel her Jewish rites when she was just 13 years old.

Maura: Don’t be so self-centered. There’s another world out there. It’s not all me. All the Ali. All my feelings.

Ali was raising her voice, accusing her father that she needed guidance and direction at such a young age, but it looked like the family’s religion was not Judaism but secrecy. And then several issues and accusations came out of Ali’s mouth, including the issue about money. Maura always pushing money to her, Ali accused, hysterically. It was a shouting match.

Maura: Because my beautiful girl, you cannot do anything! You have so much more to say now than when I was writing you checks, giving you loans…which by the way, aren’t actually loans because you were never going to pay back dick. I’m paying for your life.

Insulted, Ali threw the last bills inside her wallet at her dad. But Maura taunted, angry and hurt at all of Ali’s accusations.

Maura: Now that you’re not on the payroll anymore…do you like me? If I didn’t give you any money, would you even talk to me?

Ali stormed off. Shelly rushed to Maura to comfort her former husband. The guests were all quiet.

Later that night when the guests have left, the Pffeffermans — Maura, Shelly, Sarah, Josh and the newest member Colton, whom Josh have yet to introduce — were all at the dining table at their old house (Sarah’s house now), eating the leftovers from the funeral, when Ali walked in. She saw her dad, who nodded for her to come and join them at the table, as Colton was saying a prayer.

Family is family after all, right? There were still going to be struggles within the Pffeffermans, but for now, things seemed to have cooled down.

And that’s what happened on “Transparent” Season 1 Episode 10 “Why Do We Cover the Mirrors?” You can watch the full season of the series if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/LFaraone

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