“Tron 3” update: Actor Garrett Hedlund Reveals Sequel Still Has Life

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
“Tron 3” update: Actor Garrett Hedlund Reveals Sequel Still Has Life

Garrett Hedlund recently disclosed that the interminable forthcoming “Tron 3” still possibly has entity left in the old grid.

Early this year rumors spilled that “Tron 3” was set to start principal photography this fall. And yes, it seemed too good to be true, as Disney canceled the third sequel, after the second sequel “Tron: Legacy” encountered apathetic retaliation both scornfully and financially in 2010.

Even after announcing production dates Disney called off “Tron 3” with limited clarification and everyone was left in speculation, cites Screen Crush. But the 31-year-old actor still believes that “Tron 3” will head to the big screen. Though the exact call off reasons is not known, but it seem like Disney has definite aim on extra bankable gross collection from reboot of animated franchises and superhero films.


While talking to comicbook.com regarding “Pan,” an original story from the eponymous pixie of ‘Peter Pan’, where Hedlund portrays James Hook, unveiled that plans for “Tron 3” are not “totally dead.”

“Ever since we did Legacy, we knew that to have another story follow it up, it had to be concrete and exciting. Disney needed to have the right story to go forward.” Hedlund said about the prior story acceptance.

It seems Disney and Steven Kosinski are yet in search for the apt script and they won’t take up anything until it operates on a moderate budget to clinch that the movie won’t be a second commercial flop. Notwithstanding the fact, co-star Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund are apparently ready to again enter the Grid.

Even if Disney decides to film “Tron 3,” don’t anticipate it soon, but the sequel could be possible as “Tron: Legacy” was release 28 years after the original movie. Meanwhile, Hedlund also teased that such parallel gap might occur again.

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