Is There Trouble Between Vicky Gunvalson and Tamra?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Is There Trouble Between Vicky Gunvalson and Tamra?
Vicky Gunvalson

She has been filming for “The Real Housewives of Orange County” recently. Vicky Gunvalson is now ready to wrap up the show for this season and simply move on but is there any truth to the rumors about her trouble with Tamra? Read on to find out.

Vicky Gunvalson has lost her mother very recently, however that is not the end of her misery and pain. She has been recently spending ample time while she defended her boyfriend when the latter’s cancer was diagnosed. It may be possible that some of her fans and friends may have left her in the process.

According to her new tweet, Vicky has recently revealed that each and every story that is published by the press should not be believed.  Though it was revealed by Shannon Beador that she has not been talking to Gunvalson any more, Tamra and Vicky still appear to be friends. It seems like everyone has not been cut off from her life after she had a dramatic season.

Vicky was actually stunned when she heard stories about her being published.

She said that it was an absurd story and there was no iota of truth in it. This was revealed by Vicki after she read a story about Tamra and herself. According to the story, these two friends were not speaking to each other post the cancer drama.

According to Star pulse, fans witnessed Vicky’s anger on “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, that Tamra was being questioned about the cancer diagnosis of Brooks Ayers.

One of her fans tweeted that they sincerely hoped that Vicky has not spoilt her friendship with Shannon as the latter had been faithful to her. Many of her fans feel that Vicky should let go of her friendship with Tamra and move on with her life without her.

What would be Vicky’s reaction after her fans comments and views on social media? Will she still talk to Tamra?

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Photo Source:  Facebook/Vicky Gunvalson

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