True Blood Recap: Fire in the Hole

By April Lara | 3 years ago
True Blood Recap: Fire in the Hole
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Surprising events happened in the new episode of “True Blood” Season 7, Episode 3 “Fire in the Hole.” It aired on Sunday, July 6, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on HBO. Read on for the full recap of “Fire in the Hole.”

Finally, Pam found Eric in St. Petersburg, Russia and told him of what has happened during the time that he was away, Tara was finally dead. We got a flashback where Eric met Sylvie in France in 1986, who was her lover before. While they were being intimate with each other, they got interrupted by Nan of the authority. Sylvie was the person who introduced Eric to the Tru Blood drink and its importance. Nan sent people to take Sylvie and kill Pam or Eric because Eric broke the rules. Eric tried to sacrifice himself, but Nan did not accept this and chose to kill Sylvie instead.

Back in the present, Pam told Eric to wait for an H-Vamp cure instead of choosing how he wants to die, but Eric didn’t to listen to her. Pam grew frustrated, so she told Eric that Jason let Sarah Newlin live. She was right — this changed Eric’s mind.

We saw Sarah having sex with her yoga teacher, and the people who killed Sylvie were now helping Eric. However, the yoga teacher wouldn’t cooperate, so they killed him.

In other news, Alcide figured out that Sookie went to Bill’s place, so he went to Bill’s, demanding to see her. Then again, they were nowhere to be found. Bill and Sookie were already in the car, where Bill told Sookie to get some of his blood, and Sookie obliged,  which she did enjoy a little too much.

Sookie set herself up as bait for the H-Vamps and even confessed to Bill that she truly loves Alcide, but she thinks that she doesn’t love him as much as he loves her. Finally, the H-Vamps showed up with Holly, but things didn’t go as they planned it. The H-Vamps attacked Bill. Luckily, Jason, Andy and Alcide were there; and they were able to kill them immediately. Unfortunately, Alcide got shot and killed by Lou, and Sookie refused to turn him into a vampire because she didn’t want him to go down that road again.

In other Bon Temps news, Adilyn and Wade were freed by Andy and Jessica while Jason told Violet that they should make their own family amidst the tragedy. They also got together to search for Sookie, but instead, they encountered Vince and company. Maxine reprimanded Jessica because she broke Hoyt’s heart, and this got Maxine so mad that she shoot Jessica. In turn, it angered Violet, so she killed her mom.

Willa could still hear Tara, so she brought Lettie Mae to the Reverend. The townspeople were taking the town back, and Sam ran into them. Officer Kenya had turned against him. Sam turned into an own and fled. The H-Vamps were planning on another hunt because they were running out of food.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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